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Monday was International Dog Day, so I figured I’d take a page from Mrs. Slocombe’s book and interview a good pal for her opinion. Namely, my dog Rylee, who can often be found watching my favorite game right beside me on the couch.

For a little bit of background, Rylee is 7 years old and a ginger Pomeranian/Yorkie mix. She is foster dog from the Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter in Danielsville but I decided to give her a “fur-ever” home with me.

Rylee plays both the role of athlete and spectator when it comes to sports, so she claims. It’s hard to argue with an animal that can jet down the road faster than I can chase her, so I chose to humor her as I interviewed her shortly after our morning walk, right after she crunched down treats I tossed at her to keep her still.

What kind of sports did you play growing up?

Mostly wrestling. I managed to pin my brother, BosKo, a few times when we were young pups. I also was pretty good at fetch, and of course, you know that I love cross-country running. Growing up in the farmland and hills of Madison County, there’s a lot of ground to cover, lots of interesting smells that just makes you wanna run for hours and hours….or at least, until I’m called back inside. Always happens too soon….

So you would say running is your favorite sport?

Oh yeah, running is great! The wind in my fur, my ears flopping as you try to keep up because you think I can’t handle hazards like puddles and cars. Would it kill you to let me off-leash just once during a evening run, please?

You know there are leash laws, right? And we live right downtown.

Yeah, yeah, so you’ve told me several times when I try to run out the door. Anyways, I even enjoy a nice long walk. I get to see new things, new people. I especially love meeting new people on walks, or new dogs. I can be quite the socialite, after all. It really gets my tail wagging.

Yes, you’ve pulled me towards humans and dogs several times. Any other sports you’re into?

I dunno. I mean, when I was younger, I did think about joining an agility team and tried my hand at the equipment at the dog park. I just couldn’t get that pole weaving quite right. I admire the border collies I see when we watch the professionals for that. Very clean forms, very solid.

Who are your favorite pro sports teams?

Like you, I’m always down to sit for a good Pittsburgh Penguins or Florida Gators game, especially when you give me extra pets when we score. I was very happy when the Gators won their opening game on Saturday against University of Miami. It’s always nice to see those Gators chomp a rival, even if just barely. I was kind of disappointed though.

Care to elaborate on that?

It was quite “ruff,” if you’ll pardon the pun. A little big of dog humor, ha ha. The Gators’ quarterback Feliepe Franks was all over the place and look edlost for most of the game, but at least he managed to save us with three touchdowns. The Gators also had four turnovers by the end of the game. The defense really stepped up. They really saved the team when Franks fumbled in the first-half and had to bail him out time and time again. It was a messy game, to say the least. I hope we do better next Saturday against UT Martin and especially for the big game against Georgia in October.

Speaking of October, that’s when the NHL season will pick back up again. Any insights on that?

I’m hoping to see the Pittsburgh Penguins come out strong this year. Their performance in the last two playoffs has been a lackluster, and they’ve fallen in the rankings a bit. I’d love another Stanley Cup win, but since we gave our star goalkeeper Marc-André Fleury to the Vegas Golden Knights when they joined the league in 2017, the Penguins just haven’t been the same. However, this team doesn’t like to stay down for long. Hopefully they’ll find that right balance of offense and defense, and keep team captain and centermen Sidney Crosby off the injured list and on the ice where he can shine.

I hope to see that, too. Any last remarks?

I just wish there were more teams that were named after dogs, you know. Think of all the different dogs there are out there. I am kind of getting tired of everyone giving bulldogs all the spotlight. Would it be so bad to have more hounds, or Huskies, or even a Labrador or German Shepard out there in the mascot world? So many good boys and girls out there!

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