TIFTON — The Tiftarea Tidal Wave had multiple top five finishes at the Georgia Recreation and Park Association Class B state swimming championships last weekend.

The locals recorded four first place finishes at Baldwin Drive Aquatic Center over the two days of the state meet. Unofficially, the team was seventh in competition at 966 points. The GRPA does not recognize team points.

Jovia Burke started the morning with a second place finish in the 50-yard freestyle. That was just the beginning for her, as she tied for first in the 25-yard freestyle and later won the 25-yard backstroke.

Burke’s 25-yard freestyle time was 16.6 seconds, tying her with Hope Tanner of the Douglas Stingrays. For the backstroke, Tanner was again on Burke’s heels, but on this occasion, the win was Burke’s alone. She swam in 20.2 seconds to Tanner’s 21.0.

Burke also joined Lizzie Hendricks, Larkin Saylor and Bentley Wiggins for a runner-up finish in the mixed 7-8 100-yard medley relay. Finally, she was with Saylor, Wiggins and Hendricks for second place in the mixed 7-8 100 freestyle relay. They finished second by the slimmest of margins: 1:15.76 to Habersham’s 1:15.42.

Joshua Hellman, Laney Griffin, Harlow Delk and Trey Dorminey had the Tidal Wave’s first victory of the state competition, earning first place in the mixed 10-and-under 100-yard medley relay. Tiftarea’s time was 1:10.13, a second ahead of Habersham’s second place team. The Tidal Wave’s last victory featured Dorminey, Hellman, Griffin and Abigail Lupo in the mixed 10-and-under 100 freestyle relay, which they won in a time of 1:00.51.

Anna Lupo, Raegin Walker, Brynna Burke and Nora Lott were second in the girls 12-and-under 200-yard medley relay. Two events later, Rachel Spurlin, Jase Hendricks, Elijah Hellman and Raylee Walker took second in the mixed 12-and-under 200-yard medley relay.

In freestyle relays, Raegin Walker, Anna Lupo, Lott and Brynna Burke were second in the girls 12-and-under division and Raylee Walker, Jase Hendricks, Kendall Sasser and Ellijah Hellman were second in mixed 12-and-under.

Dorminey had a top three finish in the 50-yard freestyle, finishing third in the 9-10 division. Lupo was third in the 50-yard freestyle for ages 11-12 and third in the 50-yard backstroke.

Others finishing in the top eight were:

Girls 7-8 50 freestyle: Hendricks (6th).

Boys 7-8 50 freestyle: Wiggins (7th).

Girls 9-10 50 freestyle: Laney Griffin (4th) and Harlow Delk (7th).

Girls 11-12 100 freestyle: Brynna Burke (4th) and Raegin Walker (6th).

Boys 13-14 100 freestyle: Hayden Roberts (8th).

Girls 10-and-under medley relay: Kinsley Wiggins, Stella Byrnes, Abigail Lupo and Jana Webster (5th).

Mixed 18-and-under 200 medley relay: Ethan Stalnaker, Ava Wilson, Roberts and Emery Huggins (7th).

Boys 7-8 25 freestyle: Wiggins (4th).

Girls 9-10 25 freestyle: Griffin (4th) and Delk (7th).

Boys 9-10 25 freestyle: Dorminey (5th)

Girls 11-12 50 freestyle: Brynna Burke (4th) and Lott (6th).

Boys 7-8 25 breaststroke: Saylor (6th).

Girls 9-10 25 breaststroke: Griffin (4th).

Boys 9-10 25 breaststroke: Joshua Hellman (6th).

Girls 11-12 50 breaststroke: Raegin Walker (4th) and Lott (8th).

Girls 13-14 50 breaststroke: Wilson (7th).

Girls 7-8 100 individual medley: Hendricks (8th).

Boys 9-10 100 individual medley: Parker Hobbs (8th).

Girls 11-12 100 individual medley: Raegin Walker (5th).

Girls 13-14 100 individual medley: Wilson (7th).

Boys 13-14 individual medley: Roberts (7th).

Girls 7-8 25 backstroke: Hendricks (6th).

Boys 7-8 25 backstroke: Wiggins (7th).

Boys 9-10 25 backstroke: Joshua Hellman (5th) and Hobbs (7th).

Girls 11-12 50 backstroke: Lott (5th).

Girls 15-18 50 backstroke: Huggins (8th).

Boys 9-10 25 butterfly: Dorminey (7th) and Joshua Hellman (7th).

Girls 11-12 50 butterfly: Brynna Burke (4th) and Anna Lupo (6th).

Boys 11-12 50 butterfly: Elijah Hellman (4th).

Boys 13-14 50 butterfly: Roberts (6th).

Girls 10-and-under 100 freestyle relay: Webster, Wiggins, Byrnes and Delk (5th).

Mixed 18-and-under 200 freestyle relay: Huggins, Wilson, Stalnaker and Roberts (6th).

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