THOMASVILLE — Tift County and Tiftarea Academy swimmers were in Thomasville recently for a middle school meet.

Tift was the combined winner at 282 points, well ahead of Thomas County Middle’s 167. The Lady Devils similarly coast at 184 points to the 75 of Ware County Middle. Tiftarea was third in the girls standings.

The Blue Devils were second in the boys division, trailing Thomas County by 13 points.

Only two entrants per team were allowed to point in each event.

Raylee Walker, Raegin Walker, Ava Wilson and Brynna Burke combined to take the 200 medley relay in 2:18, 20 seconds ahead of second place and later combined for first in the 200 freestyle relay.

Raegin Walker had an individual win in the 100 individual medley (with Wilson taking second) and the 50 breaststroke as did Raylee Walker in the 50 freestyle.

Tiftarea won an early first place as John Michael White was first in the 100-yard freestyle. Karson Ponder of Tift finished in second place. White picked up a second individual win in the 50 backstroke, Ponder second. A third individual win for the Panthers came in the 50 breaststroke as Jacob Jones finished in the top spot.

Burke of Tift was first in the 50 butterfly and Wilson was second in that race as well. Burke later had a first place finish in the 200 freestyle.

In the final event of the day, the 400 freestyle relay, Swim Devils were first and second. The winning team was Brianna Domagala, Emily Anderson, Katie Folsom and Laci Rae Powers. Second went to Andrea Mascorro, Norah Owens, Ania Farley and Miranda Gomez.

Tift’s Domagala was second in the 100 freestyle, with Lexi Connell of Tiftarea finishing nine-hundredths of a second behind her. Second place also went to Jacob Rabinowitz in the 50 freestyle.

Hallie Haggard and Gigi Kendrick of Tiftarea finished 2-3 in the 50 freestyle.

Ponder, Trey Dorminey, Kamari Scott and Abram Miller combined for second in the 200 freestyle relay.

Others finishing in the top 10 for Tift County:

Boys 200 medley relay: Ponder, Scott, Dorminey and Miller (3rd).

Boys 100 freestyle: Rabinowitz (5th), Miller (8th), Logan Staples (9th) and Scott (10th).

Girls 100 freestyle: Rachel Spurlin (4th), Folsom (6th) and Gabby Montalvo (7th).

Boys 100 individual medley: Dorminey (3rd).

Girls 100 individual medley: Kendall Sasser (4th) and Raylee Walker (5th)

Boys 50 freestyle: Staples (5th) and Courtland Pellegrino (7th).

Girls 50 freestyle: Katie Folsom (5th) and Spurlin (7th).

Girls 50 butterfly: Baily Calhoun (6th).

Boys 200 freestyle: Dorminey (3rd).

Girls 200 freestyle relay: Sasser, Spuriln, Calhoun and Montalvo (4th) and Domagala, Folsom, Anderson and Powers (7th).

Girls 50 backstroke: Sasser (5th).

Boys 50 breaststroke: Scott (4th).

Girls 50 breaststroke: Calhoun (7th).

Boys 400 freestyle relay: Riddick Frank, Staples, Rabinowitz and Pellegrino (3rd).

Others finishing in the top 10 for Tiftarea:

Girls 100 freestyle: Kinsley Giddens (9th).

Boys 50 freestyle: Jones (4th).

Girls 50 freestyle: Cameron Faulkner (10th).

Girls 50 freestyle: Kensie Law (7th).

Girls 200 freestyle relay: Alexa Maag, Haggard, Kendrick and Coley Beth Croft (5th) and Giddens, Abbi Richter, Law and Connell (8th).

Girls 50 backstroke: Law (8th) and Haggard (9th).

Girls 50 breaststroke: Kendrick (4th), Connell (5th) and Faulkner (8th).

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