TIFTON — The Tiftarea Tidal Wave were easy winners in Saturday’s Tidal Wave Invitational, held at the Baldwin Drive Aquatic Center.

Tiftarea accumulated 1,116 points at the meet, nearly 500 more than the second place Moultrie Sharks (613). Thomasville YMCA was third at 478 points. Eleven teams participated at the Tidal Wave Invitational, including groups from Florida.

The Tidal Wave won the first three events of the day, all relay races. Lizzie Hendricks, Claire Dove, Ella Branch and Jovia Burke won the girls 8-and-under 100-yard freestyle relay. Following them were the 8-and-under boys grouping of Bentley Wiggins, Larkin Saylor, Callen Burke and Will Webster and the girls 10-and-under foursome of Harlow Delk, Kinsley Wiggins, Abigail Lupo and Laney Griffin.

Raegin Walker, Anna Lupo, Nora Lott and Brynna Burke won the 11-12 200 freestyle relay, as did Karoline Ponder, Lexie Crosby, Carrie Engram and Lauren Stone in the 13-and-over division. The early relays wrapped with a victory by Alex Shepherd, Hayden Roberts, Ethan Stalnaker and Keith Scarbor.

Griffin had the first individual win of the day, coming in first in the 9-10 individual medley, later winning the 25-yard freestyle, the 25 breaststroke and the 50 freestyle.

Cason Johnston also had wins in the individual medley and 50 freestyle, with another coming in the 100 freestyle. Joshua Hellman won the 25 freestyle, the 25 backstroke, the 25 breaststroke and the 50 freestyle. Hendricks was the fastest in the girls 7-8 25 backstroke. Ponder was victorious in the 13-and-over 50 backstroke.

Saylor won first place in the 7-8 25 breaststroke. Troxell won the breaststroke in the 13-and-over division. First place in the girls 7-8 25-yard butterfly went to Jovia Burke, with Saylor taking the boys’ race. Harlow Delk and Joshua Hellman continued the Tidal Wave’s mastery of the butterfly, each winning their division in ages 9-10. Elijah Hellman joined his brother two races later, taking the 11-12 50-yard butterfly.

The Tidal Wave Invitational concluded with relays. Macy Metcalf, Hendricks, Jovia Burke and Claire Dove won the girls 8-and-under 100-yard race. Wiggins, Webster, Saylor and Callen Burke won the 8-and-under boys division. Kinsley Wiggins, Griffin, Abigail Lupo and Delk won the 10-and-under girls and Lott, Walker, Brynna Burke and Anna Lupo won in 11-12 200 medley relay. No names were listed for the 11-12 Tidal Wave boys team, which won the medley relay.

Tiftarea’s last win of the day was the girls 13-and-over 200 medley relay team of Engram, Wilson, Crosby and Johnston.

Others finishing in the top three were:

Girls 10-and-under 100 freestyle relay: Mary Frances Dove, Stella Byrnes, Bailey Brock and Jana Webster (3rd).

Boys 10-and-under 100 freestyle relay: Joshua Hellman, Parker Hobbs, Thomas He and Jack Dunn (3rd).

Boys 11-12 200 freestyle relay: 2nd (names not listed).

Girls 13-and-over 200 freestyle relay: Johnston, Troxell, Emery Huggins and Ava Wilson (2nd).

Girls 7-8 individual medley: Jovia Burke (2nd).

Girls 11-12 100 individual medley: Brynna Burke (3rd).

Boys 11-12 100 individual medley: Elijah Hellman (3rd).

Girls 13-and-over individual medley: Ponder (2nd) and Troxell (3rd).

Girls 7-8 25 freestyle: Jovia Burke (2nd).

Boys 7-8 25 freestyle: Wiggins (2nd).

Boys 9-10 25 freestyle: Hobbs (3rd).

Girls 11-12 50 freestyle: Brynna Burke (3rd).

Boys 11-12 50 freestyle: Elijah Hellman (2nd).

Girls 13-and-over 50 freestyle: Troxell (3rd).

Boys 13-and-over 50 freestyle: Scarbor (2nd).

Girls 7-8 25 backstroke: Jovia Burke (3rd).

Boys 7-8 25 backstroke: Saylor (2nd).

Girls 9-10 25 backstroke: Laney Griffin (2nd).

Boys 9-10 25 backstroke: Hobbs (2nd).

Girls 11-12 50 backstroke: Walker (2nd) and Anna Lupo (3rd).

Boys 11-12 50 backstroke: Elijah Hellman (3rd).

Girls 7-8 25 breaststroke: Joy Anna Hellman (3rd).

Boys 7-8 25 breaststroke: Wiggins (2nd).

Boys 9-10 25 breaststroke: Hobbs (2nd).

Girls 11-12 50 breaststroke: Walker (2nd).

Girls 13-and-over 50 breaststroke: Johnston (2nd) and Wilson (3rd).

Boys 13-and-over 50 breaststroke: Roberts (3rd).

GIrls 11-12 50 butterfly: Brynna Burke (3rd).

Girls 13-and-over 50 butterfly: Ponder (3rd).

Boys 13-and-over 50 butterfly: Scarbor (2nd)

Boys 7-8 50 freestyle: Wiggins (2nd) and Saylor (3rd).

Girls 7-8 50 freestyle: Jovia Burke (2nd).

Girls 11-12 100 freestyle: Brynna Burke (2nd).

Girls 13-and-over 100 freestyle: Troxell (2nd) and Ponder (3rd).

Boys 13-and-over 100 freestyle: Scarbor (2nd).

Boys 10-and-under 200 medley relay: Dunn, Joshua Hellman, Hobbs and He.

Girls 13-and-over 200 medley relay: Lauren Stone, Troxell, Ponder and Huggins (2nd).

Boys 13-and-over 200 medley relay: Stalnaker, Roberts, Scarbor and Shepherd (2nd).

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