TIFTON — Tift County’s middle school swim team took on Lee County Jan. 6 in a swim meet and emerged victorious. The Swim Devils combined for 487 points to Lee’s 314. The boys’ points were close, 176-175 Tift, but the girls coasted, 311-139.

The local middle schoolers won 16 of 28 events, including the first four.

Those scoring at the meet were:

Boys 200 medley relay: John Michael White, Karson Ponder, Trey Dorminey and Landon Parrish (1st).

Girls 200 medley relay: Kendall Sasser, Kate Marie Womack, Brynna Burke and Raylee Walker (1st).

Boys 200 freestyle: Dorminey (1st) and Rocky Faw (2nd).

Girls 200 freestyle: Burke (1st), Sasser (3rd) and Sara Joy Patterson (6th).

Girls 200 individual medley: Rachel Spurlin (2nd).

Boys 50 freestyle: White (1st), Drew Hembree (3rd), Faw (4th), Courtland Pellegrino (5th), Brock Alexion (6th) and Nate Denham (7th).

Girls 50 freestyle: Walker (2nd), Ansley Starling (3rd), Jaden Atkinson (4th), Katie Folsom (5th), Spurlin (7th) and Brianna Domagala (8th).

Boys 100 freestyle: Karson Ponder (1st), Parrish (3rd) and Hembree (4th).

Girls 100 freestyle: Womack (1st), Domagala (2nd), Folsom (3rd), Lola Parson and Atkinson (4th, tie), Starling (6th), Perrin Turner (7th) and Emmalyn Lukas (8th).

Boys 500 freestyle: Dorminey (2nd).

Girls 500 freestyle: Burke (1st) and Walker (3rd).

Boys 50 backstroke: Pellegrino (1st).

Girls 50 backstroke: Domagala (1st), Starling (2nd), Norah Owens (3rd), Laurie Barbee (4th), Abbigail Carr (7th) and Sarabeth Becton (8th).

Boys 200 freestyle relay: Ponder, Dorminey, Parrish and White (1st) and Hembree, Alexion, Pellegrino and Faw (3rd).

Girls 200 freestyle relay: Walker, Sasser, Womack and Burke (1st); Atkinson, Starling, Lukas and Patterson (3rd); Lola Reynolds, Parson, Haley Hooks and Barbee (4th) and Turner, Becton, Emma Williford and Carr (6th).

Boys 50 breaststroke: Alexion (5th) and Hembree (6th).

Girls 50 breaststroke: Spurlin (1st), Atkinson (2nd), Parson (4th), Williford (5th), Makalah Smith (6th and Stella McClain (7th).

Boys 100 backstroke: White (1st).

Girls 100 backstroke: Sasser (2nd) and Owens (4th).

Boys 100 breaststroke: Ponder (2nd) and Parrish (3rd).

Girls 100 breaststroke: Womack (1st), Parson (3rd), Smith (4th), McClain (5th), Kaden Daniels (6th) and Ania Farley (7th).

Boys 400 freestyle relay: Pellegrino, Faw, Denham and Alexison (1st).

Girls 400 freestyle relay: Spurlin, Folsom, Domagala and Turner (1st); Williford, Farley, Owens and Patterson (2nd) and Anslee Baldree, Daniels, McClain and Smith (3rd).

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