I have never hidden the fact that I grew up as a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs.

It makes it rough with a job like mine. For instance, I know there are a lot of Georgia Tech fans out there, so I do my best to put all of the stories I can about the Yellow Jackets in the paper. Unfortunately, the Associated Press does not always cooperate with me about timely information.

Anyway, I think even Yellow Jacket fans have to give a pat to the Georgia Bulldogs basketball team for what it accomplished this past weekend.

Winning three games in two days against teams good enough to earn at-large berths into the NCAA tournament, the Bulldogs captured the Southeastern Conference tournament championship Sunday with a win over Arkansas.

By now everyone is aware of the tornado that struck Atlanta Friday night, and the damage the storm did to the downtown area.

That damage forced Georgia to have to face Kentucky Saturday in a SEC quarterfinal game, and then six hours later, take on Mississippi State in a semifinal contest.

Georgia only has eight scholarship players, but of those players, four of them have ties to the Atlanta area. So you would have to think that Zac Swansey, Corey Butler, Billy Humphrey and Jeremy Price all had what happened on their mind as they played the two games Saturday.

I don’t know about you, but it is very tiring to be worried about something personal going on in your life, while at the same time you are working, or in the case of those four athletes, playing.

But they all contributed to the Georgia cause and helped the Bulldogs make it to the SEC title game against Arkansas.

Having played two games Saturday, and having to still be in the severely damaged Atlanta area, the Bulldogs had to overcome something else on their way to the championship game Sunday.

As the team was loading onto the bus at the hotel, the driver became ill. There are conflicting reports on it being either the flu or a heart attack, but the driver was taken to a hospital and he survived.

It seems nothing was going to get in the way of the Bulldogs winning the SEC tournament title for the first time in 25 years.

I read someone on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Web site Monday say the Georgia weekend was a like a real-life Walt Disney movie. I wish I had thought of that, because it is the perfect description.


While the Georgia Bulldogs winning the SEC title was meant to be, the opposite was true for the Turner County Rebels and a possible state Class A basketball title.

Turner fought hard against Hancock Central, but it was just not meant to be for the Rebels.

But nothing can take away from their remarkable season. Losing their best player at Christmas, Turner went on to lose only two games during the remainder of the season.

The Rebels ended up losing only five games during the entire season, four to bigger schools, Tift and Worth, and the fifth in the state title game.

It was a remarkable year for the Rebels.

They brought together their community and gave everyone a great ride.


It has been a while since I have done a column, but I wanted to mention the ABAC Athletic Hall of Fame.

Who ever thought of it should be praised, because it makes the rich history of the school’s athletic program even more visible. It also allows for a history to be done of ABAC athletics.

It is something I hope is also done for area high schools.

I could think of names for almost every high school in the area, and I think those people should be recognized for their accomplishments.

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