All sports welcome at Tiftarea Academy P.E. camp

A ring of Hula Hoops surrounds Tiftarea Academy’s P.E. camp attendees, coaches and one lone unicorn. The Hula Hoops were set up for the camp’s version of musical chairs.

CHULA — P.E. Camp at Tiftarea Academy has had a bit of a twang to it this week.

The three-day summer camp, which ended Thursday morning, featured a bit of everything. Kids shot basketballs, played dodgeball, threw beanbags. Relay races were run with stuffed animals as batons. They even bowled inside Tiftarea Academy’s gymnasium.

However, the most popular game seemed to be musical Hula Hoops as camp neared a close.

Musical Hula Hoops?

This game, as set up by coaches Amy Strenth and Mike Patrick, followed the basic rules of musical chairs. Hula Hoops were laid flat on the ground in a circle and participants walked from one to another while music played. When Patrick cut the music, the kids had to be standing in a Hula Hoop or run to an available one.

If there were no available Hula Hoops, the camper not in one was eliminated. If two participants were in the same Hula Hoop, one was eliminated by the most democratic of processes: rock, paper, scissors.

When the music went back on, Strenth removed another Hula Hoop. This continued until one remained.

Appropriately, one Thursday game of musical Hula Hoops started with Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” playing on the sound system. (The CD, previously heard at a Tiftarea western-themed basketball game a year ago, also featured classics such as “I’ve Got a Tiger By the Tail” and “Harper Valley PTA.”)

Camp had its benefits for everyone, even monetary for one of the attendees.

One young man lost his first tooth Wednesday.

“It just fell out,” said Patrick. The camper’s sister found the tooth and he took it home for a reward from the Tooth Fairy.

This was the second year Tiftarea held a P.E. camp. Patrick said attendance was double that of 2018.

P.E. Camp ran almost concurrently with this week’s baseball camp at Tiftarea. There will be a softball camp next week in Chula. The last of Tiftarea’s athletic camps will be the Kiddie Cheer Camp July 22-26.

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