Well, here we are.

At the beginning of 2020, we did not and could not have foreseen that six months into the year, we’d be cutting back to one print edition a week.

It’s not a decision we make lightly. In fact, it’s a decision we wish we didn’t have to make.

But as any business owner (or parent) will tell you, sometimes we have to make hard decisions.

Sometimes we have to make hard decisions today to secure our future.

We haven’t been immune to the unique time our community finds itself in: a global pandemic, a month long shelter in place order, a wide swath of businesses shut down for weeks or months.

As our economy has suffered, we’ve suffered right along with it.

And as our economy and businesses come out of the last few months, we will too.

A newspaper only exists because of its community, because of its readers and supporters.

Indeed, a newspaper cannot exist without community support.

So, we thank you.

We thank our readers.

We thank our advertisers.

We thank the people who sent kind words and messages.

We thank the people who reached out.

We thank our families for their endless patience as we’ve turned kitchen tables into desks.

Making the hard decisions today is necessary for us to be here tomorrow, next week, next month and next year.

We look forward to being there with you.

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