As you can see in our story today about qualifying, Tift County has no shortage of political elections this year.

From seats on the board of education to the U.S. Senate, there are more than 15 local and state elections.

Our democracy works best when everyone is involved, when voters have choices and use their voices.

So, consider running for office.

Yes, you.

At its best, running for office is about service.

Ideally, holding office is about serving our community, our town, our county, our state and our country.

It requires a sacrifice of time and energy, no doubt, but when done correctly and for the right reasons, serving in office is invaluable.

It is difficult, no matter the office, but its importance can’t be overstated.

Qualifying takes place March 2-6.

The seats up for reelection this year are:

• Tift County Board of Commissioners (TCBOC) District 7 chairman’s seat.

• TCBOC District 2 seat.

• TCBOC District 5 seat.

• TCBOC District 3 seat.

• Tift County Board of Education (TCBOE) District 7 chairman’s seat.

• TCBOE District 1 seat.

• TCBOE District 3 seat.

• Probate Court Judge.

• Clerk of Superior Court.

• Coroner.

• Chief Magistrate.

• Tax Commissioner.

• Sheriff.

• State Senator, District-13.

• State Representative, 155th District.

• State Representative, 170th District.

• State Representative, 172nd District.

• Both U.S. Senator seats.

• U.S. House of Representatives, District 8.

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