A fine performance

"I would like to Rave about the All That Glitters Dance Troup that performed at the Tift Theatre Saturday night at the Hometown Holiday Celebration. They put on a great show. The young dancer that sang during the show really touched my heart with her beautiful voice. Their performance really put me in the mood for the holidays."

Firing us up

"This is a Rant to the concerned citizen complaining about the tacky yellow signs, about the Ten Commandments. We appreciate your input. It has set off the Christians to a good fire, and this is healthy. We would appreciate any more information or anymore input that you have about our tacky yellow signs. It does go well with the Christmas ornaments and Christmas decorations and the citizens of Tift County. Thanks again for your Rant."

Thanks for remembering

"I would like to place a Rave for the employees at the First Community Bank on Love. They provided a luncheon for the Tift County Retired Educators. It was beautifully done and delicious food. Thank you for remembering the people who helped you to learn how to read."

Rising prices hurt

"In response to yesterday's Rant about moving things in the grocery store, what about the prices? Eggs have doubled in price over the last two months, and I haven't been able to afford a decent cut of meat in over a year. Let's don't even get started on purchasing fruits and vegetables. I don't know what's going on with the economy, but people, it's getting bad when you can't afford to feed your family balanced meals."

Lots of machines

"To the person about no vending machines in their lunchroom, I work in a school where there are two vending machines in the lunchroom. They have three machines that sell PowerAde and other juices. They also have three Coke machines outside the school for the kids to use."

The Golden Rule

"The Old Testament Christians are at it again. Why don't you put the New Testament Golden Rule in your front yard? Would you mind going to the post office, and seeing Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist shrines there while you waited for stamps? Do unto others ... yeah."

Great resurfacing

"We cannot Rave loud enough for the resurfacing of the Tift County portion of the Five Bridge Road/ Ferry Lake Road. The employee with the shovel that tried so many times to fill some of the pot holes and damaged areas with the loose gravel deserves a raise; not only was it so dangerous for him, but it was beaten out before he was gone. We, the folks from Ocilla, which shop in Tifton feel more appreciated now."

Lots of options

"The $87 billion President Bush has appropriated to fund the war in Iraq could instead have been used to pay the salaries of 1.2 million school teachers for a year, the college education of 1.5 million students, or built 900,000 affordable homes. What a bargain."

Part of history

"Isn't the Ten Commandments the original set of laws that modern man lived by? Aren't a lot of our current laws based on the Ten Commandments? How can it not be allowed to be displayed? It's a part of our history."

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