A great teacher

"I have a Rave for Coach O'Brien at Tift County High School, who goes over the top for his interest and time he spends extra with students and young people who are really trying and don't always get the extra breaks. He needs the Teacher of the Year award for all the extra hours he gives on a voluntary basis."

A bumpy ride

"I know that Tift County is going to get a new county commission chairman, but also we need an overhaul in the road department. I know the storms made a difficulty, but we should have had preventive maintenance before the storms came. I think the taxpayers are not getting their money's worth."

Is it a sin?

"Here's a challenge to all the preachers in Tifton. You say that liquor is a sin. Show me the Bible verse where it says drinking liquor is a sin. It's not there. People who go to church, read your Bible yourselves. If you can show me where it says that in the Bible, I'll believe you."

We can handle it

"This is in response to 'Keep it out.' Liquor does not kill people. Ignorance, stupidity and hate do. Quit assuming that the people of Tifton are a bunch on nincompoops who do not have enough sense to handle a drink maturely."

Alcohol won't help

"According to the Tiftarea Hospitality Association, liquor is the miracle drug that will cure all ills. A better quality of life in Tifton will not be obtained by something as destructive as alcohol."

Will that help?

"Response to Ranter in the Saturday Gazette, 'Time to get out': Do you really believe that all will be well if we cut and run from Iraq?"

Just a bad plan

"On Oct. 2 in the editorial, great piece by Matt Yarborough about Bush, reader doesn't see compassion about Bush, which is very true. This man calls himself compassionate, and the people of the United States are doing without and he's trying to help a country who hates them and even if he puts a government in there that the government will hate the United States."

Do you really need one?

"I was just calling about the people going through Tifton because they couldn't get a drink here with their meal. If they can't go one day or one meal without a drink, they've got a problem. And also about the people going to Berrien County to get their liquor, boy, it sure has made them a thriving metropolis, hasn't it? And too, you know, if you've got to have a drink to relax, you also have problems."

Some compassion

"Honesty has totally left our society. My son left his Game Boy with a game on the firetruck ride at Wal-Mart and someone found it and left with it without turning it into Lost and Found. Please consider the statement 'finders keepers, losers weepers' is hard on a 5-year-old who no longer has his birthday gift, as well as hard for his parents who saved for two months on a one-income, five-person family to purchase it."

Friendly faces

"As much as I hate getting shots, Rose and Lisa at Dr. Dorminey's office make coming there special because they are always so friendly. Thanks for me letting me Rave kind-hearted ways. I appreciate that."

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