Dancing around facts

"It seems to me the Tiftarea Hospitality Association danced around with their facts in their mixed drink referendum advertisement. The fact is that variances can't be granted to ordinances and regulations by the governments involved. And come on, Tiftarea Hospitality Association. Don't you think 'hundreds of new jobs' is stretching it just a bit?"

Nothing original

"John Kerry repeatedly says he has a plan for everything. If you check on the DNC Web site, you can find out that his name was on 56 bills that actually passed the Senate. But out of those 56, only 11 passed both houses of Congress and became a law. Out of those 11, four designated special days or weeks with titles like 'Mother's Day,' one expressed solidarity with the family, one renamed a building and one awarded Jackie Robinson a Congressional gold medal. Two appropriated funds for existing programs, one amended an existing act and one reauthorized an existing program. Not one original program in 20 years. Thank you for all the hard work, John Kerry."

Double standard

"I don't believe either John Kerry or John Edwards did anything wrong about bringing up Mary Cheney, especially considering that Vice President Cheney had already brought her up during a stump speech earlier this year. Sounds like it's one of those issues where it's OK if I say something about it but not you. I don't believe John Kerry or John Edwards did anything wrong."

Alcohol is alcohol

"This is in reference to the liquor ban in Tifton. Liquor does not necessarily cause more accidents, wrecks or things like that. People can get just as drunk on beer and wine as you can liquor. It's ridiculous to put up wrecked cars around town and say that liquor is going to cause wrecks, because beer causes wrecks. Beer causes violence. Wine does the same thing. So I think if we're going to be a dry county and not have liquor, we shouldn't have beer or wine."

What has he done?

"I just can't understand why people in Georgia and America as a whole are supporting George Bush to any degree because his tenure in office, I cannot name, and I try not to be biased, but I cannot name one good or one positive thing that he has done for America. Absolutely not one thing good or one thing positive."

Facing Canada

"I see on Saturday evening's national news where Bush intends to contact Canada for help with the flu vaccination catastrophe. I don't understand how he could face Canada when he's been so adamant about not letting the citizens of the United States buy drugs at a cheaper price. Why now, when there's a catastrophe or a near emergency in our land does he want to turn around and ask them for help?"

Some are too lazy

"Sen. Kerry keeps bashing President Bush about people not having a job. Well, some of these people could find a job if they really wanted to work. There are jobs out there, but some people had rather live off of welfare and draw food stamps because they are too lazy to work."

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