Honesty pays

"I would like to thank the gentleman at Wal-Mart garden center for finding my purse last week and turning it in to the office. It's nice to know that we still have some honest people around."

Back to the basics

"Hopefully this is the right place to go, but I'm looking for a good mule and a good cow. Hopefully the mule will get me into town to buy my necessities and the cow will feed my family. The way the Bush administration is going, we need to forget SUVs. We need to find us a good mule and a good cow and learn how to garden, because he's spending every penny we have to support the people who supported him. I can't believe that this is going on in our world today. How stupid can we be, to let this monster stay in the White House?"

Counting the days

"To 'How much longer' in the Rant and Rave on Friday, how much longer do we have to listen to you Rant and Rave?"

Only He knows

"To whomever took my flowers, may God bless you. I guess you needed them more than my husband's grave needed them, at Hickory Springs Cemetery. I hope it makes you feel good to know I put them there in remembrance of my husband. Only God knows why you took them."

Good training

"I'd like to do a Rave about an article that was in Wednesday, Oct. 5's paper, the person that wrote 'No bad precedent,' no job in America should require Spanish. If that was the thing, then our government officials that have to go to other countries or anything, why should they speak Spanish? We have to have Spanish in school for kids to go to college and everything. And plus, our Mexican Americans that are born here in the United States, their family, they speak Spanish. It's not immoral to speak Spanish. They have no idea what immoral means as far as speaking the Spanish language."

A big difference

"The national media is doing a tremendous disservice to chronic pain sufferers. The medicine that has been crucified in the press has allowed me to return to a relatively normal life after years of disability due to a severe accident with a tractor-trailer, to being a productive tax-paying citizen. If you live in Tifton, you have more than likely seen me and even talked to me as I am a local business owner. If you don't know my history, the meeting was probably non-eventful and normal. If you had met me before, I weighed around 90 pounds and you would have probably been left with the impression that I had AIDS. Please remember this. Pain patients don't get high on their meds. While meds allow me to live a fairly normal life, it is limited. Guns don't kill people. People do."

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