Thankful for freedom

"To everyone who complains about Bush, walk outside and look around. Do you like that freedom? Freedom is actually a luxury. Leave it to Kerry and who knows what would happen."

A woman's decision

"Pro-choice isn't for women. What about victims of rape, incest? What is the victim is 10 years old? What about the times when birth control fails (and it does fail)? No man should have any part of determining whether abortion is legal or not. Make it illegal and you drive women to back-street butchers."

Not his job

"In response to the liberals who think its President Bush's responsibility to provide them with health care and low gasoline prices, I don't believe its the president's job to provide you with health care. That's your responsibility, not the taxpayer's. Also, supply and demand is what is driving up the gas prices. If the environmentalists and liberals in Congress had not blocked us going into Alaska to drill for the oil there, and also blocked other refineries being built, we would not be having as high gasoline prices as we see today."

Not always the answer

"My Rant is about parents that always think their children need antibiotics. My child now has an infection that is resistant to antibiotics because of this. In truth, about 75 percent of the antibiotics given are only given because of the parent or lack of education. It has been proven that respiratory and ear infections can also be viral, which should not be treated with antibiotics. So I challenge you to inform yourself about antibiotic use before you have to walk in my shoes."

Tired of bashing

"I really have not made up my mind who I will vote for in the coming presidential election, but I get so tired of reading all the Bush and Kerry bashings. No matter who gets elected, the bashing will continue. Every day in the Gazette, it's the same thing over and over again. I feel like the president only has limited powers anyway. If Kerry does win the election, who are you going to bash then? There is only one man that I look up to and that is Jesus Christ. I just pray that he will guide our president and our nation, no matter who is elected."

Blame it on Bush

"Now the president is at fault for the shortage of flu vaccines as well. I sure hope the Braves win the World Series, because if they don't, that will surely be President Bush's fault too."

Act of kindness

"I learned when I started driving that you are supposed to dim your 'brights' on your car whenever a car was approaching in the opposite lane. Some people may not remember that. Please think about it and do a small, little act of kindness next time a vehicle approaches in the opposite lane."

A wonderful job

"This is a big Rave for the Tift County School system grounds maintenance crew. They did a great job edging between the cafeteria and Mr. Connell's room at 8th Street Middle School."

Fix the light

"I am a student at Tift County High School. I take Carpenter Road as a route to school. When getting to the Whiddon Mill intersection, the light is messed up about every other day. I don't know if it's timed that way or just broken, but I've run it like three times because I've sat in my car for seven minutes, waiting on the light to change while all the other sides of lights have changed and people are getting three turns before I even get one."

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