Could've been worse

"I bet the family of Nick Berg had wished that whoever killed their son and cut his head off, I bet they just wish that they had taken pictures of him naked and humiliated him. I think the American people really need to think about this."

Press doesn't get it

"It is about time the press gets off the back of the president and the secretary of defense and let them do their jobs. There are a number of people who should be court-martialed for what they are doing, but the big problem is we got a press that is doing anything to get a headline and to keep people's attention. They don't care who they hurt or if they hurt our country or what. They seem to think that you can have a civilized war and you just can't."

A-plus server

"I would like to give a big rave to the little Rhonda at Pit Stop Bar-B-Que for being one of Tifton's finest waitresses and her customers surely appreciate her."

Made my day

"I would just like to say a special thank you to the lady at the post office who saw my tag on my vehicle which said, 'My son is a Marine.' She asked me to tell him thank you. I wanted her to know that she really made my day because that is why our boys are there. They are there for you and me. Thank you."

Tells it like it is

"Thank you for running the Charley Reese columns. He is a great conservative that tells the truth and that is what bothers this neo-right wing conservatives who keep calling and complaining about it. They don't like that a conservative is willing to not follow the Republican mantra."

Fine entertainment

"I would like to thank the Glory Dancers of First United Methodist Church for coming out to entertain the elderly at Beverly Health Care. It was truly a wonderful show and the elderly really enjoyed it. My grandmother and my aunt attend Beverly Health Care and they said that they really enjoyed the show and that it was truly a blessing that the glory dancers took time out to come out and even dance with the elderly."

We need recycling

"I wanted to Rant about stopping recycling. The city harped, harped, harped and spent a lot of money on people to recycle and now they are stopping it. I think it is very ridiculous."

Editor's note: The City is not stopping recycling, only curbside pickup of recyclables. Citizens who want to recycle are urged to take their goods to one of the city's four recycling bins.

No walking

"To the person, 'Apples and Oranges,' talking about graduation and students getting to walk the fields without really graduating. If you would listen, students no longer get to walk the field unless they have the amount of credits and pass all the graduation tests."

Unfair treatment

"Graduation is here. I am one out of hundreds of parents concerned about their child graduating. I think it is wrong for Tift County to not let your precious loved ones 'walk the field' when he or she has gone to school for some 13 years (K-12) and then in some cases, maybe even 14 or 15 years, depending on the situation, passed all their subjects and gotten the required credits but didn't pass a certain portion of the graduation test. You are absolutely stripping these teenagers of their dignity."

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