Wrong office

"This is for the lady that's going to run for the county commission, Ms. Chevers. That precinct that you referred to being closed down is not the Tifton Police Department. It's the Tift County Sheriff's Office."

Loud cars

"I wish that the city police and the sheriff's department would begin citing individuals that are driving these small, low cars that make so much noise. This is disturbance of the peace. I am an elderly person and I can hear these cars while inside my house go past at all times of the day and night."

Clark is jealous

"Richard Clark, the latest loser to write a tell-all book attacking the Bush administration, is mad as a wet hen. Could the reason be that President Bush chose Condoleeza Rice, a smart and informed black woman over him to be his national security adviser? Me thinks so. Go Condoleeza."

A beautiful yard

"I would like to rave about Louis Boney's yard, 204 Alabama Drive, the most beautiful yard in Tifton. Drive by and see it. Thanks."

Silly to ridiculous

"I believe in every young generation's right to express themselves as far as fashion and hair and so on. In fact, in my generation we wore big huge bell-bottoms and grew our hair long and wore these big high-stacked shoes. When generations now look back on those fashions, they might say we looked a little silly. But when future generations look back on today's generations with their pants hanging down around their ankles and hats all cocked sideways and so forth, they are going to think that today's generation were a bunch of people who couldn't dress themselves. I know it has gotten a little ridiculous."

Where are the trays?

"I went to two restaurants within this week and I just want to know if anybody gives out drink trays? Even if I have four people in the car, I still would like a drink tray. Do they cost too much? What is the problem?"

Four of a kind

"The picture that was in the paper on Friday that had Clinton, Carter, Gore and Kerry at a Democratic fund-raiser is as near true to getting four jackasses as you will ever see."

A great asset

"I think garbage collecting is a wonderful asset to this community. If it wasn't for the garbage collectors, just think what a mess we would have on the streets. We work every holiday, including Christmas, just to collect your garbage. We are never ever recognized for what we do for this town. The only one who knows what we go through with is our supervisor Allen Craft. We have a very nasty and smelly job. I think we do a very good job at what we do."

Can't see for the sign

"When you get to the stop sign at the corner of Ridge Avenue and 17th Street, you cannot see to the left because of a real estate sign there."

Keep on spraying

"I think it is about time that somebody comes and sprays for mosquitoes again this summer. They did such a good job last year. I hope they keep up the good work this year."

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