Did you serve?

"This is in response to Friday's morning's, 'A chosen life,' regarding the military, our soldiers. To the person who put this in the paper today, I bet you've never served in the military. Go figure."

Give it to basketball

"This is in response to the caller that says don't take away the basketball concession money from the band parents. The caller said let the other booster clubs find their own money. What an arrogant, socialistic attitude. The money never belonged to the band to begin with. People don't show up to the basketball game to watch or support the band. They show up to the basketball games to support the basketball teams, and that's where the money should go. Let the band make money from their own activities, not from the basketball team."

Give me a break

"In regards to the articles regarding the soldiers volunteering and not to complain, at least they did volunteer. President Bush dodged the draft and everybody knows it, and guess what? Big Daddy George Sr. got him in the Air Guard, of which they said he never attended. These soldiers entered the armed forces to defend our great nation, not to be George Bush's personal toy soldiers in the game of avenging his father. Bush lied about everything possible to get us into this war. He doesn't need to be on a 30-day vacation when our soldiers are in 120-degree heat in a war that was started on George Bush's lies."

Good job

"Highway 82 in Tifton is beautiful. I want to thank the construction company and the state and everybody that had anything to do with it. It's an asset to Tifton. It's beautiful. Thank you."

Thanks a lot

"To all you people who gave John Oxendine his 80 percent re-election victory, the Republicans, congratulations. Your liability insurance has been raised 8 percent. Isn't it wonderful to have those Republicans in there to bury your butts?"

Think before you speak

"I'm calling about the person who called in about a 'choice of life.' Well, I have military personnel over there too, and I know they chose this as their job. But it's people like you that are ungrateful for what they do. It's not right. You really should rethink it before you do that or even say it, because the military is out there for all of us."

No comparison

"I was calling in response to 'Let them walk.' Whoever said when they were 6 years old they walked to school three miles one way, well, times have changed since you were 6 years old. Way back then, they didn't have as many child abductions as they do now. They didn't have school shootings in elementary schools like they do now. They didn't have people paying taxes for public bus transportation like they do now. Times have really changed since when you were 6 years old, so you can't compare what you had when you were 6 years old to what's going on now at the children's schools. You didn't have cars going 95 miles an hour down the road where the children have to walk every morning. So there's no comparison as to what you had when you were 6 years old and the child who is 6 years old now. There's just no comparison."

Glad they're there

"I was just calling in to let the person know, the individual that said 'A chosen life,' said that the soldiers chose this as their way of life because they weren't drafted, well, I'm a mother and I have two children that are at an age to be drafted, and I am thankful for the individuals that have chosen to serve in the military and not be drafted. We have a lot to be thankful for, because if it wasn't for them choosing, my children and a lot of others would be drafted. And for that I salute them."

No free ride

"I would like to respond to the person that said our military has free room and board and medical benefits. Our military does not have free room and board and medical benefits, because they do an eight-hour job just like we do. My daughter's in the Navy, and she does have a job in the Navy. She did not go into the Navy to be a freeloader on anybody. She went into the Navy to better her career and to help our country. So the person that said the president is not at fault, if the president would do his job and stop trying to start wars, we can have a better country."

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