Cheaper down south

"If you wonder why prices are $1.73 in Tifton and $1.63 in Sylvester, then you should live where I live in Maryland and wonder why it's $1.94 on a good day for regular."

Thanks for caring

"This is a Rave for Dale and for Donna in the endoscopy department at Tift Regional Medical Center. They both did an excellent job caring for me during my procedure. A big thank you to Dale and Donna."

Mad Max

"I don't know of anyone that is any more hate-filled than Max Cleland. That was nothing but a grandstand play that he made in Texas, and I don't blame President Bush for not taking the hate-filled letter. He and John Kerry have a lot in common. They are both tragic liars."

Spread them out

"Since Tift County went against the vote and decided to have one high school and only have one middle school, my thought is that when it's time to go out for school activities that the tryouts should not all be on the same week or at the same time -- baseball, tennis and soccer, for example."

Who's shady?

"Thank you for localizing the national conversation about war records. The paper quotes a veteran saying, 'Anyone who's got a shady background with the military, I don't think they'd make a good leader.' How much shadier can one get than not showing up for duty and not releasing records? Isn't the background of one who served stronger than one who avoided?"

Hot on the bus

"I just wanted to say I'm like that article 'No parent left behind.' I don't know if people realize it or not, but the school buses don't have air conditioning. How would they like to start to school in August with 60 people on a bus or have children on a special education bus with no air conditioner?"

Check the record

"If you like huge deficits, sending good-paying jobs overseas and replacing them with low-paying jobs, no health care for millions of Americans, higher number of Americans living in poverty and I won't even talk about Iraq, then Bush is your man. He's certainly not getting my vote."

It's already here

"This is in response to Dan Eidson's letter. While I agree with most everything he says about the alcohol statistics and all and they're probably all true, my thing is, ask him, why do they put liquor stores on the county line? It's because if 500 cars go down there today, 490 are Tift County cars. And they want to act like that there's no liquor in Tift County already, and it's full of liquor. So it's not a matter of if there's liquor here or there's not liquor here. It's just a matter of who's getting the revenue off of that liquor."

Fantastic service

"This is a Rave for Stone's of Tifton. They are a great business. The people there are so nice, especially Dickie. My son was sick. He went out to his truck to see about him, took him to the hospital and stayed with him until I got there, giving up all of his busy time. They are greatly appreciated."

More attention

"I have a question. Why do we have half the sports page dedicated to Tift County who lost the football game? We have this little bitty ad about Janna Shiver who set a school record for 15 strikeouts. I think she deserves more space in the newspaper."

Editor's note: Shiver's performance happened in Statesboro and no other information was given to The Gazette other than what was printed.

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