Just one warning

"This is directed to the owners of several Rottweillers allowed to run loose in the Adams Road area at the north end of Tift County. Be warned. I will not be knocked down, scratched or bitten again. If you miss your dogs, they are at the pound."

A good officer

"This is concerning the Tifton Police Department. The Tifton Police Department has a very good officer in Steven Laska. He goes out beyond his call of duty to check on people. After he has worked an accident or death, he comes back and checks on the family. In today's paper, it shows you where he arrested one of his fellow workers. So see, the officer Laska needs a pat on the back. He is one of the very finest Tifton has got."

Too much busing

"It is ridiculous that my child catches the bus at 6:25 and doesn't make it to school until 8:05 and doesn't have time to eat breakfast in the morning. Then, she gets on the bus at 3:15 in the afternoon and doesn't make it home until 5 p.m. This needs to change or we need to go to the Board as collective parents. My child doesn't need to stay on the bus more than an hour. My Headstart child can't stay on the bus more than an hour. It is against regulations. Why is public school so different?"

Drive, drive, drive

"We the co-workers of Brenna Williams at the Holiday Inn would like to congratulate her for learning to drive at the age of 23. Way to go Brenna."

Drainage problems

"Tifton has a severe drainage problem, especially around the Ferry Lake area. The roads, mainly the dirt roads are almost impassable when it rains. The commissioners shuold look into this problem. Robert Oilver Drive and Sutton circle are in dire need of repair, the water won't even drain out fo the ditches creating a severe mosquito problem. Please help us."

Need a light

"We need a light this year at Ferry Lake Road and New River Church Road. County Commission listen up, two kids lost their lives and one is in a wheelchair because of this road. Get the light now before it is to late for another one."

Great patrolling

"DUIs are being looked for by the Sheriff's Office and I want to thank Sheriff Vowell for putting the crew on Tri-County Road. It slowed traffic down and they got some drunks off the road. I appreciate it and I hope you come back again. I told you all thanks that day and I meant it."

Please move it

"Before someone gets killed or is killed, will whomever is in charge of traffic police in the city, please tell the people who sit in the middle of the road on 82 at the curve to please either turn on a light or get out of the road. Is a ticket that important to you."

A big mess

"I would like to personally thank the Board of Education, the county and most of all the City of Tifton for thoroughly ruining the only passable road in the county, Whiddon Mill and Carpenter. I will have to go to Ty Ty to go to work on 82 East. I say in the traffic light today for 25 minutes and was late to work. Really thanks so much."

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