What ID?

"This question is for Principal Duck. How is a 14-year-old supposed to carry an ID to verify how old he is? He doesn't even have a learner's license yet. Please respond."

Focus on help

"I don't understand why it took all government officials so long to help the displaced Americans of the Katrina catastrophe. These people need money, love and a little support from all Americans right now. They don't have time to play the blaming game. From the news media all the way to all governments officials need to place their only concern about helping rebuild the lives of so many Americans in this terrible tragedy that has caused so much disaster in their lives. ...All the time the only focus should have been on how to help these people get water, food for little babies to old 100-year-olds. That should have been the only focus."

Compelling argument

"I sincerely hope that Hurricane Katrina has showed the nation that our government cannot protect you in times of disaster. Katrina has been the most compelling argument for the Second Amendment in my lifetime. Looters, murderers, rapists and gang members would think twice looking at the barrel of a 12-gauge shotgun."

Get involved

"This is in response to the person who suggested separate black parents' groups for the schools. ...Separate but equal ...didn't work before and it won't work now. Get involved and let parent groups know you want to be a participant. You will be welcomed with open arms. ...Try being a productive parent in those school groups. You will have more opportunity to actively participate than you can handle."

Remember to tip

"I am a server in a well-known Tifton restaurant and I am shocked at the amount of people, especially Tiftonites, who come in and tip poorly. We work for our tips. For those of you who don't know, we only make $2 an hour. The proper way to tip is to leave 20 percent of your total bill. That is not a lot considering the great service, which I know a lot of people who dine at this particular restaurant do receive. Everybody has a job and this is ours. If you come in to dine, please respect that and leave your server a great tip."

Open up

"I am also a concerned resident and would like to know why a town as small as Norman Park can open their doors for evacuees and we have all of these vacant buildings here. Why can't Tifton open their doors?"

Could have been us

"People fail to realize that if Katrina had come out of the Atlantic Ocean from Savannah's side, we would be those people in Louisiana. Tifton needs to open the doors to these vacant buildings and let those evacuees have somewhere to stay."

Good job

"This is a big thank you to the gang at Southern Bodies. You guys are always doing something great for the community, especially Tricia and Maria. In less than a day, they have raised a truck load of food to take down to Norman Park. Good going, girls."

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