It's all relative

"This is in response to the waitress. I bet you are still making a lot more money than the guy in the back washing dishes. I have been that guy washing dishes in the back. So don't badmouth the people of Tifton for not leaving you 20 percent. Let's say you have six tables an hour at $30 each ticket. Your 20 percent recommendation will earn you $36 an hour just in tips. I think if you are wanting to make this type of money you need to find another career. That guy washing dishes in the back will be lucky to earn that in five hours."

What do we have to do

"Since someone went to the time and expense of having a traffic and pedestrian crossing signal installed at 20th and Murray Avenue, would someone tell the rest of us what we need to do to get some worthwhile lights installed in Tift County? U.S. 41 and 20th, Eighth and Tifton, 12th and Tift, Eighth and Virginia and Tift and 82 need, need, left turn signals and there are probably other places that need left turn signals... What were the wrecks like at Murray and 20th?"

Great festival

"I would like to rave about the Omega Pepper Festival that was held this past weekend. It was a good turnout and we want to thank the city for that. Also, we want to thank the Omega Police Department for doing a great job on security. We couldn't have had a good turnout ...if it wasn't for that. They were on top of things at all times and we really appreciate that. Thanks, Chief Walt Young."

Special program

"Anyone who didn't see and hear the program Zion Hope Baptist Church in Tifton performed Sunday, Sept. 11, missed something special. The Spirit of America honoring God, each branch of the military and our country. The color guard represented each branch of the military service. It was wonderful."

Sizing it up

"Size is certainly an issue for our school board to study. However, it isn't class size they're interested in, it is the size of the football team's offensive and defensive line. By the way school board, how do we size up this Friday night?"

Not a mandate

"In response to 'Remember to tip,' I don't work in a fine dining establishment, but it is well known. The customers I wait on receive their pizzas and subs on paper plates and they eat their foot with shrink-wrapped utensils. The prices are very reasonable and the majority of the customers tip me well over 20 percent, but who has time to dwell on percentages. Tipping is a gratuity and not a mandate."

Cost cutting

"The idea of students going to school four days each week and adding an extra hour each day might help our school with freeing funds. Teachers could have all their important meetings on a half day on Friday, cutting down on paying substitute teachers."

Good question

"If County Manager Bill Park has nothing to hide in the severance agreement of former human resources director Tracy St. Amant, why is he moving heaven and earth and spending tons of taxpayer dollars in legal fees to keep The Gazette, the public and the county commissioners from finding out what is in the file?"

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