Always smiling

“D.L. Lastinger was always smiling. You could always count on a smile, even when it wasn’t due. I loved him as a kid and I know many love him today. Retire well D.L., you work is done and you’re out of this political mess!”

Do your part

“To ‘An embarrassment’: The park restrooms are cleaned daily, Monday thru Friday. On weekends the police are supposed to lock and unlock them. The public needs to learn how to appreciate them and not mess them up and to flush when through.”

Meeting of the minds

“Without HONOR there is no integrity and credibility. HONORABLE people do not trust those without honor. When the trust is gone, all you are left with is people without honor. People without honor tend to surround (themselves with) and associate with like-minded people.”

Great example

“This is a Rave for Mrs. Kim Smith at the Northside Baptist Church Weekday Education program. She exudes the true love of God in her class and her life. If everyone could love all children as unconditionally as she does then the world would be a much better place. Thank you for the example you provide our children.”

They already know

“Memo to members of Congress facing a tight race: If you have to explain, and keep explaining, to your constituents why the programs you support are good for them (this is specifically true of all the ‘comprehensive immigration reform’? advocates), it’s probably NOT good for them and they know it on a level that you’ll never be able to explain away.”

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