It's a shame

"The United States government ought to be ashamed of not taking care of those people who are dying in New Orleans. So what if it is dangerous and people are looting. Send the military in like we do to take care of refugees in dangerous areas of Iraq. What's the difference in that and helping those people in New Orleans? Come on. These people in New Orleans are dying in the United States of America because they don't have food and water and many, including the very young and the elderly, don't have the medications they need. It's been five days. Come on."

Why not help

"I want to know why can't Tift County help all the people who come to Tifton to get out of the way of the storms? That covers many states where people are mostly homeless and have no place to go and no children and have lost everything and they don't have any money. Why is Tift County so heartless? I'm sure that the business owners and the people who own these empty places and offices would set up a place for all these people who have nothing to go back to. We have the old Wal-Mart, the old police station and FoodMax, and I would like to know why Tift County can't help them when they have helped us."


"I have been a Blue Devil fan since I was in junior high school and I am in my early 50s. All I have to say is offense, offense. Israel Troope, Israel Troope, Israel Troope. Thank you so much."


"I cannot believe that the president is doing nothing about these big oil companies taking advantage of these poor people who had to go through the storm. They can't afford to buy the gas for a generator and if they left home, they can't afford to buy the gas to go back home. Yet, President Bush is more concerned about ...Iraq than he is about doing something about the gas prices."

Getting results

"The gas companies are ripping off everyone with outrageous gas prices. They are looting the gas customers, which is equal to the looters in New Orleans. Bush gave the energy companies $14 billion. Boy, it is sure getting results, isn't it. Enjoy your Bush gas, Bush worshipers."

Don't drive

"With gas prices the way they are, I hope someone gets out and kicks every parent that single-handedly drives little Johnny or Susie to school. The principal of Annie Belle Clark can do whatever she wants to get rid of the traffic. She can hold them up, she can delay them, she can beat them with a broom. None of those parents belong driving their children. Put them on the school bus and put the money in the school bus and not in your private vehicle."

Where are they?

"There are a couple of questions I would like to have some answers to, all pertaining to the catastrophe that just happened down at the Gulf. Every time a disaster happens in other parts of the country, everybody is screaming at the top of their lungs for the United States to help them and send more money than we already send. What other countries are helping us in our disaster? I haven't heard of any who are helping us. We are not the only wealthy country in the world and nobody is helping us."

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