Pick up the phone

"In reference to the drug dealing, you said you're a resident on Third Avenue and that you were wanting people to get together and do something. Well, if you've got a problem, call the Tift County Sheriff's Department and tell them you wish to remain anonymous. Call them several times, two times a day if it takes it. By the time they go over there and rush those (people) a couple of times and find a couple of them with drugs, they'll move on. You don't have to get people together to do that. Just tell them you wish to remain anonymous. Pick up your phone. You're concerned."

A big thank you

"I want a Rave, a big one for something that happened to me at Wal-Mart on the 22nd. I want to give a big Rave to a young lady or a young girl that offered to help me and my wife in Wal-Mart. She did not even work there, but offered to push my wife in her wheelchair or my buggy while we were shopping. She came up with a smile of kindness that we will never forget. I want to thank her for having such a big, real kind heart."

It's a plot

"Well, let me tell you what's happening with the hurricanes. Iraqis have invented a machine to create the hurricanes so that the oil prices will go up. That's why we're having to pay high prices."

No basis?

"This is in response to 'The difference' in Friday's paper. The reason the Democrats are trying to dig up dirt on John Roberts is because he's a Republican and they're Democrats. It's what people of the opposite parties do. They don't support the other party's nominees. Your argument has no basis. That's all I'm saying."

What's important

"They're letting the kids out Monday and Tuesday because of gas prices? This is a little ridiculous. Education is a lot more important than that. In fact, I think I can splurge the gas to send my son and daughters to school. This is ridiculous."

Check it out

"I'm calling concerning the gas prices. I noticed ...stations ...were raising their prices yesterday, Sept. 22 and the hurricane Rita had not done any damage yet. And the gas that they already had in their tanks should have been sold at the regular price, and I noticed most of them are raising their price 18 to 20 to 25 cents a gallon. I think that the state needs to have -- I know they have somebody patrolling and checking on these gas stations, but somebody needs to check on them every week because there is price-gouging going on in Tifton."

Another shortage

"Well, now since the hurricane is hitting shore, I see where the gas prices are going crazy, sky-high, and also the vegetables are going up sky-high. Due to the hurricane, I went to eat catfish last night. They said the catfish were scarce because there was too much water. They were $50 a pound."

Right now?

"My wife and I are at (a local retailer) right now getting gas. It's $2.67. They just got on the microphone and told everybody waiting in line they're going up 3 cents a gallon. Where did that come from? How can they raise the prices right now, while everybody's in line?"

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