Easing my mind

"After reading some of the pointless Rantings of those who are for more alcohol in Tifton, it is evident that it affects the ability to think rationally. I am convinced. I am voting against it."

Beautiful old building

"I would like to thank the person that called in regarding the Tifton Museum of Arts for their concern of this beautiful building. Unfortunately, we have had instances in the past where people have spilled wine and beer on the floor, along with food and have left wine and beer bottles in the yard. However, we are taking steps to try and prevent this from happening in the future. I'd to clarify that I have not seen this type of abuse from our most recent events. We do hope people who attend events will show this old building the respect and care it deserves. We have to depend on donations to keep the doors open and allow our community to enjoy its beauty. Yet we cannot afford to keep renovating due to thoughtlessness on someone's part."

First Baptist rocks

"Just when you begin to feel that the world has lost its morals, disaster strikes and we all come together as a community to help those in need. First Baptist Church, along with a few others, put their time and effort into opening a shelter for people evacuating Florida to escape the storm. I would like to thank all of those who helped and are still helping in this time of crisis. So thank you, Tifton. I am proud to be called a member of this community."

Should have been more

"I'd like to say that I'm really disappointed in a lot of the locals and a lot of the churches here in Tifton, Ga., for not extending a helping hand to all those hurricane victims. Only a handful of churches, two or three that I know of, came forth to help and I'd like to thank the people that did but I also know that more could have been done. This was the greatest hurricane in history, they said, and anyway, Jesus said that if you help those that are the least of us, then you have helped me. I think that a lot of people missed a lot of opportunities to come out and help these folks and spread a little joy in these people's lives, because they don't even know if they have a home to go back to."

Explaining Moore's role

"In response to 'Country first,' that was in the Rant and Rave on Saturday, Michael Moore was not at the Republican convention representing the Democrats. Michael Moore was there writing articles for USA Today."

Tough numbers

"I saw where someone was arguing in the paper, fussing in the paper about the number of coaches for the different sports, about how many football coaches there were for football compared to the low number of football players and the high number of athletes in other sports and the low number of coaches. What about 30 students in a classroom and one teacher?"

Backing Zell

"I think the people are wrong about Zell Miller. In making his speech, he said every word that I'd like to say and I'm a combat veteran. And let me say that all of the true conservative Democrats applaud him and think he's great. Of course, the yellow dog Democrats are not going to be happy with anybody that comes against the Democratic party. But the true American Democrats are going to like him and all of the Republicans. So probably right now he's the most popular politician in the United States."

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