Go Brad

"Tifton's best-kept secret sure showed everyone in Tifton Saturday night that he has what it takes. I'm talking about Brad Newell of the Michael Stacey Band. Brad comes from a long line of musical talent in his family. Just check back into the Georgia Hall of Fame for the Newell name. Go, Brad, go."

Reign 'em in

"I'd like to say that I'm very pleased with the Tift County Recreation soccer program this year. But I'd also like to say to the parents and to the coaches, make sure you keep your kids under control. Being aggressive is fun until you take it too far. There are some of those kids out there that are just beating up on kids and I've heard many complaints from children saying that they do not wish to play any more. So parents, please talk to your kids about playing fair and having good sportsmanship. It's all about the fun."

Not gonna happen

"If Arnold Schwartzeneger is a governor, I'm an airline pilot. And the closest I have ever come to flying was jumping out of a walnut tree with a used umbrella when I was 7 years old. This is totally ludicrous and stupid, to have someone of his caliber trying to run a state. Don't think it's not a ploy of George W. Bush so he can win the California vote in 2004. Wrong, George. Not gonna happen."

Thanks, medical floor

"Last week I stayed with a friend during her recovery at Tift Regional Medical Center, and while we were on the medical floor we met some of the nicest people in the world and they really blessed us while we were there. I would like to say thanks to the following people: Becky, Vicki, Elsie, Linda, Jo, Louise, Patricia, Donnell, Cephus, Dr. Gibbons, Dr. Joel Johnson and PA Cal Ridley. May God bless each and every one of you for your very good service."

Fix the tracks

"It surely would be nice if the city council could see fit to put some of the concrete they have left over from messing with the city sidewalks on the railroad crossing at First and Main. It would tear your vehicle up if you hit it at more than five miles an hour. Concrete for it everywhere except where it's needed."

Just mad

"To the character that called in the Rant and Rave that was in this morning's paper that complained about everybody being crooks and liars and so forth, I have an idea that anybody that would go that far is some type of a gay liberal that is mad because we have good ole American conservatives in this country."

The job for the man?

"Now I know why the proposed county manager was the only qualified candidate. Apparently, all the other candidates had local government experience, and the job description was rewritten to hire a man that had absolutely zero local government experience."

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