Wonderful nurse

"This is a Rave for Betty Lister at Affinity Health Group. She is a triage nurse there, and she is such a wonderful, helpful person who is always so pleasant on the phone. I just wanted to thank her for all her help with everything that she's done with my dad and just give her a heads-up and keep up the good work."

Good job, team

"Way to go, Blue Devils eighth-grade football team for winning the championship game. You did a great job. Congratulations to you and the coaches."

EMS is outstanding

"This is a Rave for the EMS team who came out on 319 North on Oct. 21 to a wreck that my husband and I had. John and the other EMT, they were both so wonderful about helping us get situated and taking care of us. John did an exceptional job. He sat and watched after me and calmed me down because he knew that being tied down was hard for me. But he was just so gentle and even stayed with me during the ordeals at the hospital to make sure that I was all right. And I thank him so much for that. We do have great EMTs in Tifton, and also the doctors and the hospital staff in the ER that day."

Consolidation takes jobs

"This is for the politicians who send out the cards saying one of the things they're going to do is consolidate the governments to save money. Just like the fire department. Before we had a city fire department and volunteers. Now our fire department is consolidated and we still have a fire department, volunteers and some new positions at the fire department so they can service the county they already serviced. The only way you save money in consolidation is for some positions to be eliminated. Someone loses their job, yes. Mr. Politician, is this what your platform is for?"

It won't help

"I'm calling about the liquor referendum. I never really thought anything about it until the last couple of months. We have wine, we have beer, and I just don't think that having mixed drinks is going to bring that much more business into town. We've got several restaurants. I just feel like that if the liquor referendum would do us any good I would say go for it, but look at Berrien County. Berrien County has not profited by selling liquor. No one has opened a big restaurant there to sell mixed drinks. So I just don't think that it would bring any more jobs to Tifton."

Lower gas prices

"If George Bush is going to lower our health care costs and our medication, why can't he lower gasoline prices? Oh, excuse me. I don't guess you can testify against your spouse, can you, his spouse being the Saudi family. Oh, that just takes care of everything. That answered my question. Excuse me for asking."

Not a democracy

"The United States is not a democracy. It has never been a democracy, it has never been a democracy and I pray it will never become a democracy. The United States is a republic, and there is a big difference."

Voting does count

"I could care less whether liquor passes or not in Tift County. The fact is, responsible drinkers, whether it's wine, liquor or beer, will drink responsibly. Irresponsible drinkers are going to drink that same liquor irresponsibly. Just get out and exercise the greatest right we have as Americans and vote. What Tift County does not need is to become divided on this situation and divide the community. That could do more harm to Tift County than anything."

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