Great service

"This is a Rave for Will Rousey of Head Games. I am recovering from surgery, and he actually came to my house at midnight on Oct. 4 and cut my hair for me. Thanks, Will. Your deed meant a great deal to me."

Give me Iraq

"I hear the people on the Atlanta TV station talking about the dangerous places in the world, which is Iraq and all that sort of thing. Well, I lived in Atlanta for 25 years, and I've been in three wars, starting with World War II in the Fourth Infantry Division in 1940, and I'll tell you right now if I had a choice of survival, where I think I could survive, give me a gun and put me in Iraq and I'd feel a lot safer than I would walking around in Atlanta. That place is something else, and it's time they started doing something about it."

Everyone's welcome

"Concerning the American Legion Post 559, we'd like to thank the person who put that in the paper, but the police do regulate our attendance, the personnel that's in there, and if that person has a problem, come to the American Legion and tell the members. Don't tell the whole world. We appreciate your concern, but hey. Address the members of Post 559. But the police are welcome to come in any time, and the fire marshal too."

A special angel

"This is a Rave for Pepper Wilkes, a nurse in the ICU at Tift Regional Medical Center. Pepper cared for my sister Emily during her illness and was there the night she died. But it was made easier by this special angel that cared for her and even my family. She is a nurse for the right reasons. Her heart is in her field, a truly compassionate and caring person."

Need the right people

"A person doesn't have to have knowledge of certain things in order to get the job done. If he wants to be a good governor or a good president, as long as he has the right ideas, he can always hire qualified people in that field to do the job, and that's all they need. I've seen that happen many times where the people who are not qualified but they know how to get the job done. You can get the job done even if you don't know a thing about how to do it yourself. You can have a building made the way you want it even if you can't drive a nail, as long as you know how to get the right people to do the job."

No surprise there

"Since when has the Tift County Commission ever thought about the best interests of the citizens of the county? This deal hiring this guy is just like anything else, they feel like they can do as they please and there are no consequences. Well no one if up for election this year but when they are, you'll see some consequences. This reminds me of old Roy Barnes. He thought he was unbeatable too. You work for us but not for long."

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