Losing status?

"I see where churches are putting political signs on their property. Does this mean they want to lose their tax-exempt status?"

Great nurses

"I have a Rave for the great staff of nurses at the dialysis clinic headed by Dr. Espinoza in Tifton. Their kindness and dedication to all their patients is greatly appreciated. They reassure us on treatment day with their skilled care. Thanks."

See ya Yanks

"It sure was good to see the Yankees choke in the playoffs. All that money they spent and all those superstars, and they're sitting at home watching the World Series. Isn't life great?"

Still a democracy

"In regards to Doonesbury being a cartoon written by a liberal for liberals and not for children, children need to be taught to keep an open mind. I raised my children to make their own judgments and learn before making decisions. What's next? Take out every cartoon you don't like? It don't work that way. This is a democracy last time I heard."

Defending freedom

"The Rant in this morning's paper where the person was saying that George Bush wasn't the one that gave us the freedom that we have, he's right there. But one thing about it, the people that did give us these freedoms in our Constitution and so forth, that freedom won't do us any good if we don't have someone like George Bush to protect us while we use that freedom. So he does play a big part in our freedom, even though he didn't give it to us. He's just protecting it."

More coverage

"The picture in Sunday's paper on the front page of the gymnast was great, but I don't understand why there was no story about what happened at the meet, who won, how well, do we have any great gymnasts in Tifton, or... I never see anything and I know they have meets here a lot. But I'm curious why there are no stories about the gymnasts in Tifton."

Editor's note: The Gazette regularly reports on gymnastics meets in which local teams participate. The gymnast picture on the front Sunday was featured in an article earlier this year.

A great festival

"This is a message for the Northside Fall Festival that was held last week at Northside Elementary. I want to say that they did a great job. Mrs. Morrow and all the teachers, thank you for caring for our children and y'all did a great job and hopefully we'll do it again next year."

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