Such a waste

"This is about those children that got killed. I have children and grandchildren, and I wouldn't let six of mine go out, if I had six, and cut the fool at that time of night. Teen-agers at that age don't see any danger. And that poor girl that was driving that car, I feel so sorry for her. She's got to live with this the rest of her life. And the parents should have never let them leave the yard with that many on the four-wheeler. They are dangerous. I'm sorry for all them, but I can't help but feel sorry for the girl too."

Wasting money

"I was reading the article in the paper this past weekend about the Tift County 'points of pride.' I just wanted to express my opinion of the poor judgment. You know, I noticed in the Tifton Gazette over the weekend the article 'Tift County points of pride.' Topping the list was the $5.2 million airport improvement. It is poor judgment on the part of the entire commission to sit back and allow this kind of tax dollars to be spent on a project that will benefit so few. It's even more disgusting that we are watching our rural roads literally fall apart."

Friendly service

"This is a Rave for Kelly's Cleaners. I left a small knife in the pocket of a pair of trousers that they cleaned, and I picked the trousers up about two weeks later. Of course they were cleaned and pressed properly, but attached to the hangers was a small bag, and in the bag was the knife that I thought I'd lost. I just think it's commendable that the people at Kelly's Cleaners are that honest."

Sowell is great

"Thank you so much for having Thomas Sowell's column in your paper. It's so refreshing to read a column that's by someone who has wisdom. He's a real asset to your paper compared to Charley Reese. He said in his column Sunday that Yassir Arafat is a man of peace. That statement alone shows his great wisdom."

Immigration problems

"Is a country that cannot control its borders really a sovereign nation in control of its destiny? Since 1981, 15 million persons have legally immigrated to the United States. Estimates of illegal immigration vary, but most indicate that undocumented foreigners in the United States is many more than those who honored our laws. We cannot fault any person for seeking liberties in our country. We can fault them for ignoring our laws and processes. But mostly we can fault our government for not enforcing our immigration laws. Increasingly, we're admonished to embrace diversity and become more politically correct. Yet those who are interloping show total disregard for our citizenry and our laws. With the help of our own government, excuses are made to avoid sending them back to their own country. In Arizona, 70 percent of the population favors strengthening laws to curb illegal immigration, but the members of Congress from Arizona refuse to support legislation."

All things Confederate

"All things Confederate are under attack and are falling to the siege of the uninformed and the gutless political leftists. In Kentucky, a statue of Jefferson Davis standing in the statehouse has drawn fire from those who would remove it as an endorsement of slavery. Jefferson Davis was a great statesman and a military leader who played a large role in freeing Mexico after the Battle of the Alamo. In Tennessee, Vanderbilt University has removed the word 'Confederate' from the name of a building, caving to pressure from political (groups) on the left. Can the Stars and Stripes be next? Slavery existed under that banner with the endorsement of government for 100 years. In contrast, slavery existed for only four years under the Confederate banner."

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