It doesn't matter

"Don't people understand it doesn't make any difference who we vote for for president? The Bible says that these things are going to happen that are going on in this world and It doesn't matter who we choose for president, it's just a sign of the times and people need to read the Bible and it will tell them exactly what's going on right now."

Not just ideology

"According to Sen. Kerry, President Bush has turned his back on science in favor of ideology. President Bush's administration provided about $190 million for research on adult stem cells, which is the only stem cell research to date. That has yielded clinical benefits for humans without killing human embryos. In August 2001, President Bush stated, 'The hope stem cell research offers is amazing. Yet the ethics of medicine are not infinitely adaptable. There is at least one bright line. We do not end some lives for the medical benefits of others.' I do not see this as ideology, but rather high morals, strong character and faith in God."

Thanks, Sonia

"I would like to give a Rave, and I would like to call it 'A friendly cashier.' I was in Wal-Mart the other day and I had a lot of groceries, and she came up and she said, 'Can I check you out?' I just wanted to say I really thank you, Sonia, and God bless you and keep up the good work.

It's all inside

"I have a Rant. I hear so many people speaking trash about President Bush and John Kerry that I just had to make a comment. Folks, if we would realize that our problems are not rooted in bad leaders, bad laws or bad circumstances but in ourselves. Only when we see that our need for forgiveness and mercy will we find the comfort that we're all looking for, and only when we realize that what is best for ourselves and our neighbors does not begin with a change of circumstances but with a change of our own heart and if we'll learn new ways of relating to others we'll find a peace that will replace our thirst for conflict. Then, as we respond to others with the patience and love we find in Him, we'll be assured of a better future than we ever dreamed possible. Then and only then will we have learned that honor is not found by passing judgment on others, but by showing mercy on those already condemned by their own actions."

More coverage

"I'd like to know why did I have to go buy a Valdosta Times when I subscribe to the Tifton Gazette just to read an article about the Berrien Rebels' win against Mitchell-Baker last Friday night. The sports page needs to cover the entire area."

Editor's note: The Gazette encourages teams to call in their scores to the newspaper on Friday nights. If they call them in, they will appear in the newspaper.

Time to step up

"You know, George Bush seems to be so adamant on protecting us during his Homeland Security programs. Where is he now, when obviously there's going to be no flu vaccine for the children and the older people? Step forward, George Bush. Let's see you pull another stupid answer out of your hat. If you're Homeland Security, you need to be taking care of the American people, not worrying about Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction. Step up to the plate, George. Let's see what you've got."

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