First things first

"This is in reference to the article about the flag, but most importantly about the racism it has brought out of hiding. Six human lives have been lost due to violence. I am more worried about my family's safety and our community as a whole than a flag that only shows respect for the dead."

Caring teacher

"I would like to thank Mrs. Funk at Len Lastinger for the excellent work she has done with my son... There need to be more caring teachers out there and less finger-pointers. Thank you again."


"Seven murders in Tifton in one week! Very scary."

Time for change

"The violence taking place in Tifton should be a wake-up call for law enforcement. The time has come to take action and rid our town of all the drug activity and quit looking the other way. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE."

Case by case

"If one has property that isn't historic, ...why should anyone say 'Hey, you fall into the guidelines of historic property'? ...If one owns property that is historic and 'all surrounding property has been preserved' then of course there should be intervention and guidelines. Properties should be assessed on an individual basis depending on 'historic values'; otherwise, leave it alone."

Too much

"In response to 'You've got it': We did not ask for it. I do not know where you got your story, but I got mine from my children. Too much is too much. Learning can be done in other ways besides two to three hours of homework each night."

Great job

"I live in Hazlehurst and I am married to a Hispanic gentleman. I admire the mayor of Tifton for making this call to fly the flag in memory of the six men who were killed at the mercy of so-called 'Americans'. It is a tragedy that someone can call themselves an American and can commit brutal murders. ...My condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones to such a brutal tragedy. Great job, Mayor."

Not the place

"When did this become the United States of Mexico. I do not appreciate the Mexican flag flying over our town. What happened to the Hispanics was sad, and I sympathize with them. However, this is America, not Mexico."


"This is a rave for the Tiftarea Academy Junior Varsity girls' fast pitch team and to their coaches -- Great job on winning the regional championship on Saturday."

A matter of trust

"Since the offical creation of the historic district in 1988, property values have increased greatly and so has the amount of taxes paid. That is a clear indicator that the majority of property owners in that area trusted the city council to honor and support the oridinances and guidelines. The majority continues to need your help... your strength to enforce existing ordinances... to protect their neighborhood / investment."

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