Not the right thing

"What did you think about the church float where the boys had toy guns and were pointing them at people?"

Take care of problems

"I don't know why we worry so much about who our next president is going to be, because any man that is president today regardless of his good intentions can't do a whole lot when we have two parties that are more concerned with putting the other one under than they are with taking care of business and we have a judicial system that's so liberal that they won't let people discipline their children or they won't let you protect your property or any of that stuff. Nobody's going to be able to do anything until we make some new laws."

Don't free Hinckley

"I see where they're trying to get John Hinckley who shot Reagan out of the prison and free again. He should have never been free to start with. That insanity law was never meant to go to where it is today, it's just all these lawyers who want to make money have stretched that thing out to make money. Any person that would shoot another person without a real good reason is insane anyway, so why don't we just go ahead and get rid of them? We've spent about a million dollars on that thug and now they want to turn him loose. That verifies the fact that I've been saying all the time about our judicial systems being one of the worst in the world."

On the same side

"Confederate flag not a Southern thing, you say? Aren't black and Confederate soldiers buried in the Confederate cemetery? Think about that."

Don't bash Lynch

"How dare you criticize Jessica Lynch or any other American who served or is serving in Iraq? She suffered extensive physical damage and came home and corrected a lie told by the warmongers. Heroes are created by people, not the hero."

Proud of Hornbuckle

"Thank you for the story on Zan Hornbuckle. It sounds like his mama and daddy raised him right. We should be proud of all of our soldiers who are over there, whether you're Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter. When you're in a foxhole and you place your life in another man's hands, you don't ask him who he voted for."

My man Munson

"The Larry Munson thing that WTIF plays at lunchtime is the best thing on radio. He's a nutty old man, but he's our Munson and I listen to him every day. Please don't ever take him off."

A great weekend

"I want to thank everyone involved with the Lean-Ox Festival Saturday, we had a fantastic time."

Behind the times

"This truck route the everyone is talking about supporting, we should have had it 10 years ago. Now we're behind everyone. Look at Moultrie and Valdosta and Thomasville, businesses are popping on their truck routes like crazy and their downtown didn't get hurt a bit from it. This city can be so hard-headed, we stay 10 years behind everybody else. We can sell guns on every corner in town, but we can't sell a bottle of bourbon? You do the math."

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