Superintendent decides

"This is neither a Rant nor a Rave, just an observation. I'm a big fan of Tom Mark. I like his articles. A couple of observations, though, about his article about choosing the coach. The fact that you have character so low on your list might be a reason that you're not on the committee. And Tom should know that only the superintendent makes recommendations to the board of ed, not the principal as he said in an earlier article, that the principal would recommend the coach. It actually has to go through the superintendent. The law is pretty clear on that. But I still enjoy Tom Mark's articles."

Where is he?

"The Tifton Board of Education should realize that being a nice person and a close friend to some board of education members will not win in Class AAAAA football. You have already proved that. If there is a coach on the current Blue Devils staff that can coach and win a Class AAAAA, he hasn't shown it."

There's a reason

"This is in response to the 'Why not here,' about the City of Tifton's Christmas decorations, why they couldn't be a lot prettier than what they are. If the citizens of Tifton would like to have their taxes increased so we could pay for it, we might could do that. But considering that taxes haven't been raised in like 15 years, it's a little bit hard to even keep up with the expenditures that increase every year. As a matter of fact, the employees of the City of Tifton didn't even get their increases that they should have gotten the past year and their increases for their training that they went through last year got cut completely."

Count your blessings

"This is to 'Teachers unite.' Maybe they should do you like they did the ABAC staff -- privatize them. Let's see what kind of benefits you get then."

Make 'em stop

"My daughter came home smelling like cigarettes and had been drinking from a local bar, and she's only 19 years old. I thought they weren't supposed to go in there, and I thought they weren't supposed to be smoking there. The police need to do something about that place."

Thanks, Agrirama

"I'd like to thank the Georgia Agrirama staff for making a group of children from Pre-School Intervention very happy. They volunteered to make the necessary concessions to allow these children to ride the train and have ice cream at the drugstore. Tifton, let's go out to the Agrirama Dec. 11 for the Victorian Christmas. We're fortunate to have the Agrirama in Tifton and we need to give it our support. And again, thanks to the Agrirama for the great day that they showed the children."

Another option

"Regarding the good ole boys and the radio stations and what they want to listen to, if they'll just get an XM or a serious radio, they can hear anything they want to hear -- 40s, 50s, country, classic country, rock and roll or whatever and don't have to listen to any advertising."

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