Talking turkey

"I would like to make a rant about this Turkey Bowl that Tift County has here. You know, every year they've been having this Turkey Bowl and families want to go spend their Thanksgiving with their families, but this Turkey Bowl is an annual thing and I think they should change it, basically, because there are a lot of people that actually want to spend time with their families and I know that the Rec Department, they have to work on that day and it seems to me like they would want to spend time with their families. Maybe somebody else would feel the same way I do."

Go North Park

"The residents of North Park Avenue should be commended for standing up to drug dealers in their neighborhood. They didn't take the police cop-out reply, 'There's nothing we can do.' More neighborhoods should go public and shame the city into doing its job."

Fix Golden Road

"I'm calling to agree with 'Bumpity-bump-bump' in Tifton. On East Golden Road there is a large hole there. It is very dangerous. I myself almost collided with a pickup truck. Somebody needs to fix that road because it's terrible. Pretend it's in your neighborhood."

Need a trim

"I don't know who's responsible, but whoever it is, please come and cut the grass on Yeomans Street next to I-75. What happened to 'Keep Tifton Clean'?"

Thanks, Donna

"We have a very special person in Donna with UPS. She came into the store where I work and saw I was having a bad morning. In a little while she came back, gave me a hug and a gift with a card to pick me up from being down. She is a godsend to this town. Thanks, Donna, for being the person you are. You are a very, very special person."

Where's the plan

"It's amazing to me where people call in talking like this, talking about in four years Jeb Bush is going to run for president and this is four years down the road. This man is talking just like Kerry was talking. Kerry kept talking that he had a plan for this, he had a plan for that, he had a plan for this, but he never would tell anybody what his plan was because he didn't know what a plan was. He didn't have a plan. And here this man is talking about the presidential election they're going to have four years from now and he don't know what he's talking about. He's just like most of the other Democrats with no moral value whatsoever."

Can't blame Democrats

"Bush and the Republicans have done nothing about open borders and immigration. That can't be blamed on the Democrats."

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