Sock it to 'em

"We have laws, international laws, that protect soldiers fighting in uniform. These people who are being captured, most of them, are not soldiers. They are terrorists. There is no such thing as a law protecting those people, so anything that they do to them is legal. I am for anybody, whether he's an Iraqi or what, if he's fighting as a soldier he needs to be treated according to the laws protecting the military. Otherwise, sock it to them with anything you want to get the information you want."

Update the music

"I'm in agreement with the Tift County High School band playing more upbeat music. We have children of all racial backgrounds and it is not fair just to lean toward one style of music. We have white and black people who love music with great beats and everything. I believe it will increase the size of our band and make us more competitive and give the children a higher self-esteem. ...I like the messages that have been put in here so far. Let's keep it up and make a change."

Top of the line

"I have a complaint. I have heard word that the Board of Education is trying to kick out out-of-town kids. Now me personally, I spend a lot of money in Tifton. I buy groceries every Friday. I pay my light bill in Tifton and you know, I think that is unfair. I live in Berrien County and I come to Tifton because you know what, Tifton is a better school and I like things are done in Tifton because when you graduate in Tifton you graduate at the top of the line."

Come on down

"It is now fall, but the ones who are responsible for trimming the grass, please come and trim the grass on Yeomans Avenue next to 75."

No difference?

"The only reason I left the military was so I could go to school full-time but until I get an answer from the school I applied to, I wanted to work. What I was trying to say is that the only business that was really interested in me was the fast food industry and I applied to almost every business in Tifton. I guess being a veteran doesn't really matter."

How do they know?

"It states in the paper that if a company is hiring illegal aliens, the government will go after them. Do the immigrants just get off scot-free while the company pays for this? Some of these illegal aliens are given Social Security numbers and fake IDs, and how are these employers to know the difference? Is there a Web site or something that these companies can go on to protect themselves or is the government going to protect the immigrants and not the American home people?"

Thank a vet

"To the person who wrote 'Think about it,' telling the military man to 'Go back now,' Tifton is my hometown, I grew up here, and am ashamed of the selfish attitudes shown in this column. It certainly throws doubt on Tifton being 'The Friendly City' and I know that you do not appreciate my husband's military service for you, nor my first husband's death while serving in the military for you. Without these brave men and women, you'd be speaking German now!"

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