Not that simple

"Reading in Saturday's paper, the statement from the county about the release of the former employee certainly doesn't ring true after all this time. If it were that simple, why wasn't it stated at the beginning?"

Good job

"I would like to thank Harry Doss and the Tift County Road Department for the excellent shoulder work on the newly resurfaced section of Chula-Brookfield Road. I think the surrounding counties should take note. Thank you very much."

Don't stop

"I just read the statement released by the county commissioners in Tifton concerning the severence pay of the young lady, Ms. St. Amant. ...I can't believe that these commissioners think the people of Tift County are so stupid they will accept that. In any event, if it was true, why did it take so long to even come up with this statement? I hope the Gazette doesn't roll over and play dead and drop this."

Fix it

"I would like to tell the City of Tifton that a lot of folks in Tifton would appreciate it if they would pave Tift Avenue and fix the railroad tracks up from 82. It's bad on tires and cars and we would appreciate it."

Still paying

"I was looking in the paper Saturday, the article about Ms. St. Amant, where they were talking about all the things that had been consolidated and had the gall to say that they had saved a bunch of taxes. Has anyone out there had their taxes go down because of it? Mine sure haven't."

Step up

"I appreciate Tim King coming forward and letting people know that there is an in incident that went on at the sheriff's department, even though a lot of already new that there had. It is time for the sheriff's department to stand up to the plate and let us know what went on and handle the situation with the ongoing deputies."

Come on out

"St. Amant receives $25,000 over a six-month period in salary for not working. Prior to this, she was given a annual raise of over $3,000. Now we hear that her position wasn't filled after she left. This adds more to Bill Park's need for explanation. There is much more to this story than Bill wants to admit. I am one of many in this community who feel that Bill should address this issue..."


"They plan to handle the matter administratively or quietly? What is it with this city that officials can do whatever they want and think the people have no right to know?"

The best

"This is a rave for Omega School for their Fall Festival. It was wonderful. Thank you to all that worked so hard to make this possible. I really believe that everyone enjoyed the festival. I know we did. Thank you for all the hard work Omega School is always doing. Omega School is the best."

Don't forget ROTC

"The band needs recognition? What about the GA-51st AFJROTC unit? They do a lot too, and do not get recognition either..."

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