Goodbye coach

"On behalf of the class of 1995 and those classes before and after, I would like to wish Coach Blackshear a farewell. We will miss you. We appreciate you. You have given so much. On behalf of all the young men who played for you, you have been more than a friend and a coach. You are a father to many of the young men who didn't have fathers. So, from me to you, I wish you well, to you and your family. We will greatly miss your presence at Tift County High School."

Let us be proud

"This is concerning the meeting at the Board of Education on Tuesday night. I was one of the parents there and we do understand that our children cannot walk the field if they don't pass the graduation test. My son studied hard and long to earn his 24 credits, which 22 is only required, and I think it is a disgrace that Tift County can't let their young people stand up and let us be proud of what they have achieved in their young lives."

Penalizing a few

"This is about the children walking at graduation. Why should a few suffer from a few that don't want to study? The few that want to walk have earned their credits and their parents are very proud of them so let them walk."

Great job kids

"I have a Rave for J.T. Reddick Elementary. The play they did this weekend, Cinderella, was excellent. The cast did a great job and these are fourth, fifth and sixth graders. I would just like to commend them on the wonderful job they did in displaying their talents and for Mr. Carter who worked so hard to put it all together."

Stand by your decision

"I hope the school board will continue to stand by its policy that any student who does not pass the state-required graduation test not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies. Graduation ceremonies are for those who are graduating, not those who have failed to meet the requirements to graduate but have simply gone to school."

Dictator Bush?

"I am listening the the world news this evening and Cowboy Bush and the president of South Korea said they will not tolerate North Korea having nuclear weapons. Who died and made these two people God? We have nuclear weapons. What is the problem here? Does George Bush want to be a dictator? Obviously so. I don't think he is mentally capable of being such, but that is all we hear."

Amazing concert

"I want to Rave about the high school chorus concert Saturday night. It was simply amazing. The lights, the sets, the effects and the choreography was very professionally well done. I can tell the students had fun doing it. Congratulations to their teachers. Chorus, take another bow. You guys deserve it."

Welcome back

"I would like to Rant about Jeff Howard with the Tift County Recreation Department. He was out sick with pneumonia and he has come back full force. He has the total support of all parents and kids in Tift County. Good to see you well Jeff and back on the job. Thanks for a job well done."

No pass, no reward

"How long will it take for folks to realize that in education if you don't pass you don't get rewarded? If they don't pass those tests they have no business trying to fool people like they are really graduating. They don't need to go with the people who did the work to graduate, period."

Doesn't matter

"I'm calling in about the school board about their decision. I'm proud they stuck to their decision. I don't care if you fail the test by one point or by 100 points, it is still the same. What is the difference if a man or a woman goes into a convenience store with a gun and armed robbed it and all they get is one penny or a million dollars, it is still armed robbery. They should get the same punishment."

"It is a crying shame that your doublewide burns down on a Saturday afternoon and I and others give you money for your children to buy clothes and food and I go to Ty Ty at the little convenience store and you are in the store buying lottery tickets. This makes me not want to help you or anyone else ever again. You should have taken that money and bought you and your children food and clothes for your new home instead of buying lottery tickets."

No respect for us

"I was calling about all the Rants and Raves about the children not walking the field. I am a parent also and I am now in a situation where my child is not walking the field. Whoever decided to do this, if it is the Board of Education, then that is Tift County's Board of Education. I don't have any respect for them either. I don't know where their mind is at or what they are thinking about but I hope something happens for something their child has worked for too. Those kids earned that education. Let them walk the field."

Should be supervised

"In response to the parent whose child's car was keyed in the parking lot at Tift County High, I can't believe with all the taxes paid that they have to pay $20 to park there and it can't be supervised."

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