Understand philosophy

"I'm calling in response to the person who wrote in about the Buddhist culture, the monks coming to Tifton. I just wanted to say that I'm a Buddhist, and obviously the person doesn't really understand the philosophy of Buddhism. It's more a way of life than a religion. Buddha is not worshipped as a god, so it's not a traditional religion. I don't understand how we can expect to be a city of diverse culture if we can't invite and appreciate such a diverse culture. I think it's important that we understand before we condemn."

Making my own

"I was calling about the old Confederate flag. I have one of my own of the old flags that I'm fixing to start flying. Hopefully there's some more people around that have got some of them that will put them up and let them wave proudly. I want to say another thing. Thank God Perdue can't do anything about that, not on your own property, or anyone else. I'm so proud that you can do your own thing in your own yard."

Let it ring

"This is a Rant about people calling you on the telephone. I'm an elderly person, and it takes me a few minutes to get to the telephone. They let it ring four times and hang up. I wonder if you could put it in the paper to tell people to ring the telephone at least seven to 10 times so an elderly person can get to it before they hang up."

Thanks for the monks

"The Rant 'Declining morals' in opposition to inviting the Tibetan monks to Tifton is pure bigotry. I thank the Love Affair officials for inviting them. Maybe the person who opposed the monks coming to Tifton hasn't heard of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. We need to all have open minds and understand other people and how they think so that we can have peace in this world."

Different cultures

"I want to leave a message in response to a Rant and Rave in Thursday's paper about the Buddhist monks that are here from Tibet. The Love Affair is supposed to be about love and tolerance for other people as well as their beliefs. No one is expecting them to believe or pray or whatever they want to do. I mean, they're here to do a painting. They're here to show us other cultures, and there's nothing wrong with that."

Wonderful campus

"This is a Rave for Northeast Campus, Tift County High School. I have just come from Honors Night. Mr. Phillips and Miss Tucker did an outstanding job. Those teachers show their respect, their love and their response to them, but in turn Mr. Phillips and Miss Tucker have the same respect and warmth for their teachers. You just feel it when you walk in. I am so thankful that my son has had the opportunity to go to Northeast Campus. My hat is off to the administrative staff and the faculty."

Open-minded curse

"About the Tibetan monks and being open-minded, I once heard Dr. Noah Langdale, who was then president at Valdosta State, say, 'Watch out! You can be so open-minded that your brains fall out.'"

Pray for community

"A time to pray. My Bible says in John 14:6 that Jesus saith unto him, 'I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me.' As a Christian, I am sorry for Buddhist monks, for I believe they are deceived. I am even sorrier for the people who are responsible for inviting them to Tifton. As Christians, let us join together in unity to pray for protection over our community in Jesus' name."

"In Friday's Gazette, President Bush says there is difficult work left to be done in Iraq. But in case he hasn't noticed, there is a lot difficult work yet to be done in the USA that has not even been addressed yet. How about putting America first for a change, Mr. President?"

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