Leave coach alone

"This is a request for the Rant and Rave to leave Coach Beale alone. He's doing an outstanding job. And whoever wrote 'What's the issue' needs to go out onto the baseball field and see what's going on with the baseball program. He hasn't had time to get the program where it needs to be yet. He is probably one of the best, if not THE best coach we've ever seen. So lay off of Coach Beale."

An outrage

"I was outraged that the owner of the dog involved in the vicious attack on this poor child is trying to retain custody of the dog. The owner should be in jail awaiting imprisonment. Instead, he feels he has done nothing wrong. He should have to pay for all of the medical bills and lose everything he owns and have to pay restitution for the rest of his life for pain and suffering . Get tough on irresponsible dog owners."

Kill dogs now

"I'd like to comment on these dogs that jumped this boy down yonder. It's a bad situation and the man that wrote this letter to the editor, I agree with him. They need to be killed now. Any dogs that are that bad are wild animals. They need to be done away with, not put up somewhere costing the taxpayers money."


"I am sorely disappointed in the apparent total disregard and lack of caring that the city and county have for its National Guardsmen . I'm guessing no one on the Tift County board has any loved ones risking their lives on the behalf of his country and therefore they felt no desire to express appreciation for the sacrifices the soldiers are making."

Great experience

"This is a rave to the Tifton Chik-fil-a, never have I ever gone to a fast food restaurant and had such a good experience. Whoever hired Tara made a good choice. She is very kind and very pretty. Good job, Chik-fil-a."

Good job, CBT

"This is a rave for Citizens Security Bank. Y'all do a great job at speaking and acknowledging your customers and I appreciate that so much because you can go into some banks and you just don't get that. They don't speak at all. They look at you and try to avoid speaking. Thank you, Citizens Security Bank. Way to go."

Another right

"I'm a former Tift County High School student and I firmly believe in freedom of speech, but I would like to respond to the rant that was in today's paper called 'Something's Missing.' I just wanted to know that one big thing is missing and that is the other side. Why are we hearing one side of the Hannah Smith story? That reason is because the principal and the teachers are bound by law not to talk publicly about students, no matter what. They are like priests or doctors and no matter what Hannah Smith does at school, they simply cannot say anything about a student. This is also a right of our children and one that should not be abused by painting teachers and principal in a bad light when they simply cannot say anything."

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