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"I am disappointed that the newspaper did not let their readers know about the Homecoming for the Quartermaster troops. I greatly admire the military and I would have attended had I been aware of it. I would have taken time away from my job to be there. I hope they had good attendance, that's the least of what they deserve. It takes alot of courage to dedicate part of your life and sometimes your life completely, to the military -- more courage than I have."

Editor's note: The Gazette advertised the homecoming on the front page of Tuesday's and Wednesday's editions.

Bad, bad road

"I would like to comment on the road conditions on Fletcher Road. That has to be the worst road that I have seen in a long time and no one seems to want to do anything about it. That road has been in desperate need of repaving for as long as I can remember. It's so bad that you have to worry about throwing your front end out of alignment everytime that you go down it. All the work they're doing on 82 and no one can do anything about that one road."

A bad system

"Not too many years ago, students were taught and tested by their teachers. If the student made a passing grade they were allowed to graduate. Why are we now having to have a graduation test before students can graduate? Sounds to me like we are missing something here. Yes, they were given the opportunity for tutorial classes and did not take advantage, but students are tested all year long to see if they are understanding and learning the subject. If they are passing the class, they should be allowed to graduate without further testing. If they are merely given a passing grade to get them out of classes and further up the ladder, then we need to address this. Parents look at report cards and assume that their child will graduate. Graduation announcements and cap and gowns are purchased with only the knowledge that report cards give them. Seniors are disappointed and money is wasted due to failed graduation tests."

Tired of the lies

"We need a third party. I am tired of the lies from the Demonrats and the Rapuglians."

Unclean hands

"My Rant is at health care workers who don't wash their hands when going from one patient to another. This goes for doctors, nurses, aides, dentists, dental assistants, chiropractors, eye doctors, as well as the people that fit glasses and contact lenses. Please show some respect for your patients because there are so many diseases that can be passed by the touch of your hands."

A little TLC

"I have to rave about my physical therapist Melinda Sanders at TRMC. She got me going again and her warm smile kept me from giving up. Thank you."

Don't blame the BOE

"Why can't little Johnny read and right? It is simple, we make excuses, lower standards instead of maintaining them, we expect the school system to babysit and raise our children. The purpose of the school system is to educate ... period! Here is a novel idea, how about parents increasing their responsibility, increase quality time spent with their child, increase/instill a true work ethic in their children, increase their values of/on education and accept responsibility when Little Johnny can't read and not blame the school system for setting and maintaining a standard."

Road rage

"I think that all the money that we as taxpayers have to pay, we're getting nothing out of it. There are roads here that are in desparate need of paving but yet they continue to be ignored. What does it take to get a road paved around here? Robert Oliver Drive nearly washes out when it rains. They send scrapers to scrape it but I honestly don't think they care how good a job they do because they always leave big bumps and holes in the road. As much money as this county takes in, I know they have the money to pave small roads like that if they can totally redo 82. It's not right for the citizens of Tifton to have to deal with the roads the way they are."

Unfair policy

"I think the school board has made a big mistake in not letting the 130-something kids that failed portions of the graduation test walk the field. These kids have met the requirements for graduation by completing the required courses. I agree that their diplomas should be held until they pass the portions of the tests that they failed, but they have 'completed' high school. Just give them a certificate of completion on May 24. These families have paid a lot of money for graduation invitations and caps and gowns, not to mention the postage. This is not punishing the kids but their families as well. Just to set the record straight, my daughter passed all the graduations tests and will be graduating on May 24 but is devastating because approximately 130 of her classmates will not be there to enjoy it with her. If my child was one of the children not being allowed to walk the field he/she would be dressed in his/her cap and gown and be in the stands on that day."

We'll miss Coach Tucker

"The Tift Co School System will be losing a great teacher and coach this year. Coach Mayo Tucker is retiring and he will be greatly missed. He has touched the lives of so many during his years here and we just want to thank him for all the hard work and dedication. We hope that you have a successful year with the Tiftarea Panthers. You deserve it."

Have a heart

"As a student who will soon have the privilege of 'walking the field' at my graduation, I would like to say that it completely outrages me how the Board of Education has handled the scores of the graduation test. Because of a standerized test, an enormous amount of my classmates will not be joining me on this special day; even though they have received all of the required school credits for graduation. I don't believe that the students who failed parts of the GAHS graduation test should be allowed to receive their diploma, but I do believe that they should be able to walk the field and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. After all, none of the graduating seniors receive their diploma while crossing the stage, all we get is a diploma cover. I think that it is completely absurd and uncaring handling it this way. To the board: What if it was your child? What if your child had received all of the required credits but couldn't be a part in his/her graduation because of a standardized test? Have a heart and at least let them walk the field and then re-take the test."

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