Great service

" I am a Vietnam veteran and have been paralyzed from a stroke for the last two years. I want to thank the two sisters at Tift Eye Care for coming out to my truck and giving me curbside eyeglass service. You can't get that kind of service at the big discount stores, and I'd like to encourage everybody to shop downtown. The store next door to them, GQ, also gives me curbside service to buy hats. Thank you so much for all the help you've given me."

It's not free

"This is an article about 'Open your eyes.' This is about all the complaining about gas prices or any other items that the American public purchases and consumes to satisfy their needs. Prices are not set by the president of the United States. They are set by the consumers of any product. If you want the prices to go down on gas or any other item, quit buying it. Stay home and stock up on items you need for one month. Make your kids do the same instead of running bumper to bumper in every town in the United States 24 hours a day. That's the problem we have, that our forefathers and mothers fought and died for us to have a better life than they did, which we do. The price of freedom is not free, never has been, and I don't think there's a person on this earth today that will accomplish that goal. Don't blame the problems on others when you are the ones that caused the problem."

Attilla the Texan?

"If I have heard the words 'terror' and 'terrorism' no less than 10,000 times out of George Bush's mouth since 9/11, isn't it just ironic that now we're the terrorists reference the prisoners in Iraq? We are one of the most barbaric countries in the world, led by the most barbaric individual to ever come out of a mother's womb. We have a choice. Keep him in November or put him back in Texas. Let him spend the rest of his barbaric life down there raising cattle or whatever he does."

Tell 'em to study

"This is to all the parents that keep complaining about those graduation tests. It's as simple as this: Either your child passes it or fails it, and if they fail it then they have no right to walk. Simple, very easy. What you should be doing is telling your children to study for the test, because they know it's coming up. I don't understand why every year it's the same story, 'Oh, my child didn't pass the test, oh, they can't walk.' Well, you know, where were you when all this whole year they needed to study for it? Nowhere. So then you need to move on and let them take it later. If they were into it, then they would have passed it the first time and been able to walk."

Thanks, A-1

"This is a Rave for Mr. Kenny and his employees at A-1 Tire and Automotive. The service, facilities and prices are just great. Keep up the good work, you men. Thank you."

Bring gospel back

"To CityNet: Please put the gospel music network back on cable TV. We seniors can't all afford digital TV, and we old folks love gospel music and we love the Lord. Do us a favor."

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