Move channels

"I wish (the NCAA) would play their ballgames at night and not on Channel 6. Maybe they could go to a Channel 3 or 7 or something like that. There's no one home that can't get out and work and we certainly don't watch those ballgames. There's just more or less us older people, and we could care less about those ballgames."

Crossings need help

"I was just wondering whenever they plan on fixing the railroad crossings on Seventh Street like the one on Eighth Street, and the other ones too. I understand the city commission and the county commission are the ones that have control over that."

Lying to soldiers

"Once again I have to agree with Charley Reese, even though I don't like the guy, about the military. Most of that stuff is absolutely correct. One reason why you can't get good old American boys in the service like they used to is because of the lies that our government told to the soldiers of World War II and Korea. They made all kind of promises about health care and everything that we would get. We had low pay but all these big promises about our families and so forth. And the civilians didn't have that. Well, by the time we retired civilians had made all that money and they had the same benefits we've got. Civilians have been getting better treatment than some of the soldiers."

Great help

"A big 'thank you' to all of the wonderful people who took the time to help me when my car battery suddenly died while I was at the Enmark Station on Tift Avenue, leaving me stranded. I really appreciate all your help. It's good to know there are people out there so willing to help others. I don't know what I would have done without your help. Thanks so much."

Learn respect

"Move to the country? Great idea. I bet your cats would love the country, with a larger area to prowl in, fight and keep you up all night, possibly saving you the expense of repainting my vehicle. It's cruel when you don't care enough to control them, knowing the damage they will do to someone's property. People learn respect for other people and their property in kindergarten and first grade; where were you?"

Keep it simple

"Just to state the facts, for the year of 2003, a net gain of 2,000,000 jobs were added here in the States. Check the Bureau of Labor Statistics for verification. Just the facts folks, just the facts."

Take care of your own

"When are the people of America going to realize that their own self control has a direct result on how their lives turn out. Fat people, smokers, welfare recipients, untrained laborers, the time has come for all of you to quit blaming your problems on everyone else and expecting the government to take care of you."

Supporting Bush

"Regardless to what everyone thinks of President Bush, he is still our leader and we should support him. Also instead of all this bickering and complaining we should be constantly in prayer for our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and the other countries. I think everyone should have a love one in this war and it would certainly change your mind about a lot of things and it would certainly make you pray a lot more. You would not be complaining so much."

No big deal

"What's the big deal about Kerry claiming European support? Both he and GWB are courting a population that is only massive because of illegal immigration and anchor babies. It is not the Canadian vote they so eagerly seek."

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