Oil disruption

"To the person who said that Bush has nothing to do with exorbitant gas prices, instead that prices are determined by supply and demand, I wonder if it ever occurred to that individual that when Bush attacked Iraq, an innocent nation, that he disrupted the supply of oil to all nations? I wonder if it is mere coincidence that Bush and his rich friends and family make billions off of the increase in prices? Bush is a vile and corrupt man."

Thanks, Mr. George

"I have a rave for Mr. George Bailey. I just want to say thank you for using your hobby to spread joy to others and may the Lord bless you for all that you do."

A blessing

"This is a rave. I would like to thank a young man named Anthony who helped me with my car Monday night at the car wash. You are a blessing. It is nice to know that there are still helpful and kind people left in this world. Thanks a lot."

Clean it up

"It would get rid of a terribly bad eyesore if the new convention center would acquire the abandoned motel and restaurant across the street on Highway 41. It could provide convenient lodging for convention attendees, ABAC visitors and those travelling U.S. 41."

Another bad road

"In today's paper in the Rant and Rave, I see where people are complaining about all these bad roads we have. I wish whoever is in charge of the roads would come out to T.C. Gordon Road and look at all these holes. They have signs up that water is over the road and they just wash deep ditches in the road. There is no way to keep an automobile decent on these kind of roads and they are so bumpy. Then in dry weather, it is so dusty and everybody out here stays sick most of the time. This needs to be checked out. Just because people may consider us a poor class of people, we are just as good as the ones that live on the north side of town in their fine homes. Have a good day."

Maybe it's you

"Please let me address the 'Live With Him' rant in Wednesday's Gazette. Your constant Bush-bashing not only makes him stronger but it does make us wonder about your rationale. Maybe you use too much gas looking for something to gripe about and maybe you are the one who is out of step with reality."

Best of the best

"This comment is for the lady that made the rant about African-Americans not making the Eighth Street squad. I am an African-American and I have cheered in the Tift County School System for five years. Cheerleading is not just about football games anymore. You have to have talent to make it. These schools compete and do gymnastics and they are leaders. It's not about who is black or who is white or about Friday night games and the uniforms, it is who has the desire and who is the best of the best."

What's he doing?

"Can someone tell me, has Richard Golden served his 100 hours of community service after shooting up the Pettiford car ? If so, I would like to know how he is serving his community service. It seems that we have a board chairman for our school system who has to serve 100 hours of community service and I, as a concerned citizen, would like to know how he is serving his community service."

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