National IDs

"Well, I see where many of the people of Georgia are against having official ID cards in order to vote, and I say that we're spending millions and millions and hundreds of millions of dollars for security in this country and if we would make every person in the United States have an official ID card from the government showing their fingerprints, their picture and their DNA we would (be secure). Of course, it would cost millions of dollars to do this, but we'd save millions of dollars in the long run."

What it takes

"This is in response to 'Good coach.' My sons have played baseball under Coach Beale and the previous two coaches. The previous coach ran off players. There is no comparison. Coach Beale knows more about the game and how to coach than the other two coaches. Baseball requires dedication on the part of the players. It requires working out and playing baseball 12 months out of the year. To excel, you must play on summer traveling teams and fall teams. Most players won't make that commitment. How many guys on this team have played summer ball and fall ball?"

Happy now?

"This is just a message for all of you folks here in the Tiftarea that voted for George Bush. I want to know what you think of him now, because if you wait another six months you're going to be having to go down to the local bank and get a small loan to get fuel to get your kids to school. Whether or not you realize it, every human being in America is affected by these gasoline prices. We are going to pay them, whether it's through delivery, direct purchase or whatever. So how do you like George now? Everyone in Tiftarea was warned many times in the Rant and Rave about voting for this so-called president. Now I hope you enjoy him while you spend this $2.50, perhaps $3 this year on your gasoline prices."

The right place

"If I ever get a murder charge or a child molestation charge, I certainly would like to get a change of venue to the state of California. Isn't it wonderful how you can kill people or molest kids and just supposedly walk free?"

Thanks, Arts Council

"The Arts Connection made a big hit in Ocala Thursday evening. The harpist, flutist and cellist really made an interesting evening for all who attended. Thanks, Arts Council."

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