Better late

"In Friday's paper, March 18, it says 'ABAC fights identity theft' because they no longer use Social Security numbers as ID. You would think that people at a school like that would have enough sense to know you should never use the Social Security number to begin with."

Doing what it takes

"This is in response to the last Rant concerning the Tift County baseball team and Coach Beale and his staff regarding the coaching tactics and why only two seniors are on the team. If you want to know the truth, it's probably because a high percentage of athletes in Tift County are not willing to put forth the physical requirements that Coach Beale is enforcing ...Most of the players have been conditioning since September. It's taken a lot of time and sacrifice to be on the team. The truth is, most students, unless they are serious about baseball, are not willing to give what it takes to try to have a successful team."

Wonderful job

"Ready for kindergarten? My child attends Mother's Love Pre-K. Thanks to her teacher and all the teachers. You are doing such a wonderful job. I know the children come first, because it shows."

The real failures

"In today's paper, Mr. Bill Shipp blames the Atlanta courthouse murders on the governor, the attorney general, the mayor, the sheriff and the police chief. Did he leave anyone out? I think so. How about Judge Barnes, the judge that was killed? He knew the day before his own death Nichols was a security risk by having weapons on his body. And lest we forget, the Nichols rape jury that two weeks before let him go because they thought a man could not be guilty of raping a former girlfriend. A judge and a jury. Those were the real failures in Atlanta."

More patrols needed

"Consolidation is a good idea. I think that a good starting point would be consolidating the police and the sheriff's department. Consolidation of the police department with the sheriff's department would benefit the city taxpayers. Don't think so? Consider this: The Tifton Police Department has one chief, four captains, four lieutenants, four sergeants and now considering two majors, and that's just in the patrol division. That's one supervisor for every three employees. The city needs patrol officers, not more supervisors."

Great camp

"Thanks to the ABAC Fillies and their coach for the awesome softball camp on Saturday. My two daughters loved it. You were such an inspiration to them. What great community service. God bless you."

Supply and demand

"In response to the Rant in Sunday's Tifton Gazette, I am proud to call President Bush my president. He is there to guide us through some very difficult and dangerous times. President Bush is no more responsible for the high price of gas than he is for the earthquake in Japan. I'd like to ask you a question: Did you fall off of the hay wagon and hit on your head? Most intelligent and fair-minded people know that supply and demand control prices."

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