Thanks for appreciation

"This is a Rave to the Annie Belle Clark Primary School administrators. From the paraprofessionals at Annie Belle Clark, we would like to say how much we appreciate you showing us the utmost respect and treating us as professionals and caring the way you do about our job performance. It encourages us to continue on with our tasks and carrying out our responsibilities in the best way possible. Thank you very much for caring about us."

That says it all

"Quote of the week as noted on Imus in the Morning on MSNBC: Bill Arkin, journalist, author and former U.S. Army Intelligence analyst, regarding the U.S. Intelligence Community's role in forecasting the events of September 11, 2001, "They (the U.S. intelligence community) were doing a GREAT job, but they got interrupted by reality."

Tremendous task

"This is a response to 'It's the teachers,' I challenge the person who wrote that to go to their local primary school and volunteer some time. I promise it will be an eye-opening experience. Each school year, teachers are given a classroom full of children. Those children come from all walks of life -- from the poorest to the richest. Some children come well-mannered and ready to learn while others come to school with a chip on their shoulder each day with an attitude of 'I dare you to try and teach me something.' Try making a group that diverse in nature succeed on the CRCT or in any other aspect of the school day. This is the monumental task that a teacher faces each and every day of their career. In spite of this, I know few of my peers who would choose to change their vocation. Teachers do the best they can with what walks in the door each and every day."

Not a personal issue

"Citizens wanted Clinton impeached for essentially cheating on his wife, a personal issue, with some moral and ethical implications. Nixon lied and obstructed justice and was impeached, that too had moral and ethical implications. Bush has lied and cost fellow citizens their lives, this too has moral and ethical implications and is ongoing. Impeach Bush."

Just the good stuff

"I read the Rant and Rave every day. It is always someone Ranting about something. Wonder if Tifton can go one week without Ranting about anything. I would like to see for a week at least nothing but Raves in the paper. If it is just where someone helped you fix a flat tire, or something good about someone or something. I will admit I have ranted about some things, but I have also raved about lots of things too. Let's see if Tifton can have a week of nothing but Raves in the paper."

Great customer service

"I would like to Rave about Rhonda that works in the outpatient department. She has always been a real good person, always smiling, gets people in and tries to get them out fast. She treats people like she would want to be treated. She always tries to have me pre-registered before my appointment time. Thank you Rhonda for being a sweet, honest and caring person. Keep up the wonderful work you do for Tift Regional Hospital."

Use the sidewalk

"I drive down through my neighborhood and see people walking in the streets instead of the sidewalk. Wonder why the sidewalks were put down, if people are still going to walk in the streets. Please, if there is a sidewalk, use it. It might prevent you from getting hit."

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