Long-term investment

“This is a Rant for the... person who said it’s only fair for property owners to pay for your mess that you leave behind. ...Have you ever heard of insurance, maintenance and repairs? Just for your information, just because you have rental property doesn’t mean you’re making lots of money right now. It’s called a long-term investment.”

Cut loose

“No music? What’s next, no dancing? Better not tell Kevin Bacon.”


“I ask the city and county officials again, how can you allocate money for one public cemetery and not the other? Most of the projects that are planned for SPLOST IV are designated for development on the north side of town and south will get what’s left over and pay a higher price for the same service. I hope that the recycling and waste landfill relocated will be moved to the north, and as a three-time SPLOST voter I’m adamantly opposed to IV. And I think that the people of the south need to vote against because we have not been dealt a fair hand with the SPLOST money.”

It’s a shame

“Please read the article in today’s paper, March 14, on Perdue’s HOPE chest. The government has literally lied to us again and our children are the ones who will suffer, because now they want to up the ante on the requirements for HOPE and they have spent $1.8 billion of the funds on other programs. It is a shame that our kids should suffer behind such mentality.”

Good luck

“Just want to send a good luck to Tifton’s own Lesli Holton. She and her choir in Worth County are going to New York this week. Your choirs are fabulous and we love you. Good luck at your competition and Godspeed!!!”

No problem

“Those that rave about what a good job Bill Clinton did, undoubtedly have no problems with all the law-breaking and fooling around with Monica that got him impeached.”

Clean it up

“I work at the Tift County High School. I drive down New River Church Road every day to and from my job. I have noticed lately all the junky looking mess... located on this road. What happenened to Tifton being the cleanest little city in Georgia. (Clean up the junk). It is horrible.

It’s not free

“Nothing about the public school system is free. You need to do a little research before you speak.”

You don’t know

“I’m a handicapped woman with a handicap tag who is tired of being judged for parking in a handicap parking space because someone else does not think I need one. My doctor gave me that permit because I needed it. They don’t give those things away every day. You have to need one to get one, from my doctor anyway. So when you see a handicap TAG, know for sure that person needs it for whatever the reason may be. Some days I have to walk slow and some days I cannot walk at all. Therefore, my doctor doesn’t want me walking long distances. STOP JUDGING OTHERS!!! You don’t know what that person is going through or what their handicap is.”

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