Watch Bush's tricks

"George W. Bush is tooting his horn about the income tax cut that he just signed into law, but did you know that he's going to take back most of this with a five cents a gallon increase in federal income tax on gas? The Bushes can't be trusted. Remember his daddy, 'Read my lips: no new taxes'? Remember Iraq, weapons of mass destruction that can't be found?"

Not as bad as Bill

"To the person that's so down on George Bush and comparing him with Bill Clinton, I don't know how long he's had his head in the sand, but as far as George Bush is concerned, I don't know about him lying. I mean if he did it's not so outstanding, but I give him credit for one thing: He's not wearing out his zipper while he's in the Oval Office supposed to be running the country like Bill Clinton. There's no comparison. Bill Clinton was bad sorry and still bad sorry and so is his wife."

A real problem

"I am calling in response to the article about the change in redeployment plans for the Army's Third ID, presently stationed in Iraq. In the article, officers stated concerns about the condition of the tanks and armored personnel carriers. Most of the equipment needs to be repaired and orders for the necessary parts have never been filled. Weeks ago, when plans were being made for redeployment back to the U.S., the heavy equipment was to have been taken by truck to Kuwait, where the repairs would have been made. Now it appears plans have changed. These same soldiers who fought their way to Baghdad may be called back into combat, but the equipment hasn't been repaired. I'm sure the soldiers will be willing to continue their mission, but having our brave young soldiers possibly go into combat situations again with malfunctioning equipment is going way beyond placing them "in harm's way." Any one of these soldiers' lives is worth spending the time to see that their equipment is repaired properly. I'm writing this letter because my son is part of the Third ID. I'm asking those of you who are concerned about this to join an e-mail campaign contacting our president and U.S. legislators and letting them know we want the damaged equipment fixed properly before we ask our troops to risk their lives again. The e-mail addresses for our elected leaders can be found at Let's show not only our troops but a hometown boy as well that we care about them."

Thankful senior

"I should like to thank Craig Sowell, his committee, the Tallassee DAR who sponsored my name, all those who wrote such flattering letters in my behalf, the First Baptist Church Choir, B.J. and the ABAC group who served such a delicious meal and the hundreds of people who attended the awards banquet May 28. I was truly thrilled to become the Tift County Senior Citizen of the Year! Ain't bad, is it, for just 84 1/2 years old."

Thanks for nothing

"Bridges falling in, budgets skyrocketing, taxes going up and people losing jobs but the City of Tifton still goes on and builds a three million dollar police station and courtroom. Thanks for keeping my taxes as high as they have ever been."

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