Great family

"This is a big rave for the Charles Cook family on Union Road. Friend and neighbor and Christians too."

Public servants?

"You know, these people elected as public servants, they should be nice to the customers. After all, the people elected them. ...Let's not forget them when you go to vote. Remember who the ones are who treated you nice and who the ones were that were ugly to you."

No discounts

"I would like to say that not all of Georgia Power employees are on Georgia Power and they do not get discounts."

Supply and demand

"This is in response to 'Explain the Hike' in Friday, June 17's paper. The reason for the hike in the summer is a little thing called supply and demand. Economics 101 in high school. Supply and demand. As demand goes up and supply stays the same, prices go up. Any other questions I can answer for you?"

Bid's purpose

"In regard to the school's central office's decision to accept or take the blame or pay the higher cost after a bid, that is the purpose of a bid, so we will know how much it will cost and we can make our budget accordingly. Also, if a person makes a bid and can't fulfill that bid, he may withdraw and then a new bid can be taken."

Triple the price

"This is to the 'Be Careful' rant. Please don't try to turn this into something else. It means that whatever a Georgia Power employee buys in my store, I am going to triple the price."

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